How Do I Purify The Air In My Basement?

Having a basement in your home can prove to be a very practical feature. A basement can be used for many things such as a playroom for children, a spare room for guests, home cinema or a laundry room. Due to the current pandemic, experts advise us to stay at home to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 so many people are forced to work from home. A basement could be the ideal place for a home office. If you are considering turning an unfinished basement into a room with a purpose, understand that basements are prone to gathering dust and dirt as they are seldom used by homeowners.

The Air Quality Of A Basement

Most basements have air issues. They often tend to be damp, dusty and can have a bad, musty smell due to the lack of fresh air. Many people find this frustrating even if they keep on top of the upkeep of the rest of their house. Don’t worry, this is common in most basements. The last thing anyone wants is to turn a basement into a playroom for kids or into a home office, and have bad odour and high levels of dust inside the room.

How To Improve The Air Quality In A Basement?

To improve the air quality in a basement you need to purchase a good air purifier. Air purifiers are used indoors that will circulate the air in the room and will remove contaminants. They have been proven to help people who suffer from allergies such as asthmatics. They are available in all shapes and sizes. Some are stand alone units and others are much larger. Check out the Best Air Purifier For Basement (2020 Reviews Updated) to find an air purifier that suits your budget and your basement. They can also be used to reduce secondhand smoke so if you have another room in the house used by smokers, you can easily move it when needed.

Should I Dry Out The Bassment?

Basements often tend to be damp and humid. Due to the humidity you may find mold, sometimes visible mold and you might even see the mold on the walls, in the corners of the floor and ceilings. Even if you can’t see the mold doesn’t mean it’s not there. Sometimes mold can be hidden in areas such as under the carpet, behind the drywall or above the ceiling. The mold can be one of the main reasons for the nasty smells. It can be the cause of many health issues when inhaled such as coughing, sneezing, eye problems and other allergic reactions. This is why drying out the basement is crucial to create a safe room for people. To get rid of mold you need to take the moisture out of the room. Many people decide to buy a dehumidifier which will decrease the level of humidity in the air. A dehumidifier can help the basement become a healthy area for family members and guests. They are easy to use and practical, and like the air purifier comes in a range of sizes and can be moved from room to room easily.

Should I Keep The Windows Closed?

A common mistake people make while trying to improve the quality of air in a basement is by opening windows to let air in. This can have a negative effect, especially during the warmer times of the year. By doing so the indoor humidity will rise which helps the mold to grow. Experts recommend that you keep the windows and doors closed.

People are advised to fill in any cracks or gaps in the basement for the same reason.

What Is Radon?

Radon is a deadly, colourless and odorless radioactive gas. It is produced by decaying uranium. It can be found in nearly all soils. Although radon is found in the air we breathe everyday, the issue is when radon gas enters your home and manages to get trapped. It can be the cause of lung cancer. Studies show over 20,000 people die every year from lung cancer due to radon. Speak to a professional for advice and be prepared to have a radon test done to check the levels in your basement. Because radon is in constant contact with the ground it has proved to be the main entry for radon gas. Although you won’t have to move homes, you may have to have a mitigation system installed to allow the radon to get pumped outdoors.