How Do Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning Differ?

People who use professional cleaning services for their homes need to know the difference between deep and regular cleaning. Every house cleaning contractor may offer you both types of service upon request.

Fresh Maids House Deep Cleaning, serving all of Gainesville, is an example of a cleaning service that gives you the freedom to choose any type of cleaning. However, when people have more options, they may be more confused about what they need. Regular and deep cleaning are the two main services offered by contractors, and it would be best to know their differences.

Regular Cleaning: What’s Included?

Your home needs thorough cleaning each week. The usual cleaning tasks include sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and wiping windows. Kitchen and bathroom cleaning is also necessary every week to keep these rooms thoroughly clean. Regular house cleanings require less time if done frequently. That’s why a regular cleaning service would always cost less than a deep cleaning. Most cleaning services offer a regular schedule to their loyal customers at reduced prices since they need fewer janitors to perform the perfect cleaning. Typical services would come to your house once or twice per week, depending on your family’s size and location.

Regular cleaning also includes mirrors and window wiping (window frames are also important to have a thorough cleaning). Showers and bathrooms should not only get cleaned but also disinfected using accredited detergents. Surfaces in your living room, furniture, paintings, and lights should all get wiped for dust. Janitors also perform a thorough cleaning of all the visible ventilation systems. It’s also their chore to empty all trash bins and take them out to the waste management designated areas.

As far as the bedrooms are concerned, a regular cleaning session would require cleaners to make the beds, change the linens, replace the pillows, and wipe all the surfaces for dust removal. If you regularly perform all these cleaning tasks, your home will always be neat and ready to accept guests without embarrassment.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning includes all the tasks described for regular cleaning, but in more detail. Housewives used to perform deep cleaning once every month, giving more attention to the details they didn’t have the time to focus on during the weekdays. There are certainly hard-to-reach spots in every house that regular cleaning can’t touch. Some of these neglected areas are taken care of by janitors during the deep cleaning sessions.

Cleaners usually use a stool to reach every object they can reach with their hands. It’s a general rule to clean everything that is within your reach when performing a deep cleaning. Applying sanitizing agents on all surfaces is another objective for deep cleaning. People would forget about contaminant agents they bring to their homes from their daily interactions with others at work. It’s a deep cleaning that can erase that risk from your house and protect the rest of the family.

Customers who call the cleaning services for the first time are usually required to perform deep cleaning. That happens because every home that lacked professional cleaning services would have accumulated dirt and hard spots to clean. After the first deep cleaning that could last for several hours, customers could schedule a regular cleaning that would be more affordable and require less time to complete. It’s important to understand that deep cleaning would require more janitors dedicated to cleaning your home. That’s why it’s a lot more expensive than the regular cleaning, giving another incentive to customers to invest in their homes’ regular cleaning services.

When Is Deep Cleaning Necessary?

Typically a house would need a deep cleaning when spring comes. Wintertime could prohibit people from opening their windows. The fireplace is a major source of dirt and ashes that accumulate in the living room and the walls. Another reason to call for a deep cleaning session would be when you throw a party. It’s good to prepare your living room for your guests, and it’s also necessary after the party is over to restore your home to its previous condition.

When moving out from your home (especially when you live in a rental property), it’s mandatory to perform deep cleaning. Also, homeowners who decide to sell their property could ask for deep cleaning to make their rooms more attractive to potential buyers.

Deep and regular cleaning are two sides of the same coin. Performing them in regular circles can keep your home clean all year round.