How Do Bonnet Pads Work for Carpet Cleaning?

If you have been dealing with carpet cleaning, you will be familiar with bonnet pads. These pads are not something new and have been around for over 30 years. They have undergone a lot of changes since they were first introduced into the market. A bonnet pad was initially used for dry cleaning purposes only. At present, these clothes are part of the must-have items of every carpet cleaner.

What is a Bonnet Pad?

A bonnet is known to be a soft, round brimless hat, just like a beret. Cloth bonnet pads are typically used for cleaning and polishing. You put these clothes over the disk of a cleaning machine. As the disk spins, the cloth picks-up dirt and debris from the mat.

Purpose of Carpet Bonnet Pads

Cleaners have been using carpet cleaning pads to ensure that they can clean carpets efficiently and make their clients happy. Aside from that, here are some of the other uses of these dependable cleaning bonnets.

  • It provides a scrubbing action to loosen soils and debris from fibers of your carpet.

  • Picks-up soil and dirt stuck on the upper part of the fibers after steam cleaning. If not fully extracted, these stuck soil and dust can cause discoloration and streaking on the carpet as it dries up.

  • It absorbs extra moisture from the carpet after a steam cleaning.

  • Perfect for use when dry cleaning a carpet.

Types of Cleaning Bonnet Pads

As mentioned earlier, bonnet pads have come a long way. It now comes in various shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. You will find pads made of the following clothing materials, to name a few:

  • Rayon

  • Cotton

  • Polyester

  • Polypropylene

  • Nylon

  • Microfiber

The primary reason why carpet bonnets are made of different materials is not because the manufacturers want to make them so. Each material is manufactured with specific purposes in mind. Cleaning pads that are 100% cotton or polyester-cotton blend can absorb water better than other materials. Hence this type is used by dry cleaners and when drying the carpet after a thorough cleaning. You will generally find this type as large, white, and fluffy pads. Anyone can safely use it on almost all types of carpet.

Advantages of Using Bonnet Pads

Bonnet pads are not the only paraphernalia used for carpet cleaning, but most cleaning companies use them if they need to deep clean carpet. Here are some of the advantages why cleaners commonly use the bonnets:

Efficient Cleaning

Bonnet pads enable you to pull out soil and debris that you might have missed during extraction. When there is still a carpet stain after removal, bonnets can pick up the left dirt when the rug dries up. This functional cleaning cloth will rake-out the soil to avoid ruining your precious carpet. Additionally,

Evens Out Carpet Appearance

Using bonnets is one of the best ways to even out the appearance of your carpet, whether in high or low-traffic areas. One the carpet dries up, you will notice an even look on your carpet and will not re-soil that easily.

Low-Cost Maintenance

Bonneting a carpet speeds up the cleaning, hence minimizes your need for carpet maintenance more often. Company and building owners who want to save money on overhead costs will find the bonnet advantageous since there will be no need to replace the carpet flooring much too often.

How to Use Bonnet Pads

You can apply the cleaning solution to your bonnet in two ways. Whichever method you choose, you are guaranteed that the bonnet pads will efficiently collect dirt while running onto the carpet.

  1. You can submerge the bonnet in water, wring it dry, and attach it on the floor cleaning machine under low speed. Then, you can pre-spray the solution onto the carpet before running the cleaning machine with the bonnet on the rug.

  2. Cleaners can directly put the solution on to the bonnet pads before putting it on to your cleaning machine.

Taking Good Care of Your Carpets

The main reason you are using bonnet pads is to ensure that your carpet will remain in good condition. However, it is natural for any flooring to wear and tear due to foot traffic. Here are some tips on how to take care of your carpet properly with a bonnet pad.

  • Always check the safety and warranty manual of the carpet to ensure that you are using the recommended type of bonnet pad. You don’t want the bonnets to create further damage or snag on your flooring.

  • Bonnet pads work best with the machine running at 175 RPM. Even if you have a powerful 300 RPM cleaner or higher, you don’t need to use it to a maximum to achieve the optimal results of bonnet cleaning.

  • Determine the most appropriate bonnet material you need for your carpet. Some bonnets are made from cotton, cotton-rayon blend, or microfiber. These pads also have nylon strips on them, which are ideal for aggressive cleaning.

  • Look for absorbent, washable bonnets with a tight pile surface. Don’t use bonnet pads with strips if you only need a gentle wash on your rug.

  • Don’t forget to wash and change the bonnet pads regularly to prevent re-soiling.

  • Choose a cleaning service that offers bonnet carpet cleaning such as Boas Cleaning Services.

Bonnet pads can make carpet cleaning a lot faster and easier. Choosing the right one is necessary to ensure that you are not causing more damage to your carpet flooring. If you want to give your carpet the best and most affordable cleaning possible, then think of investing in the most reliable bonnet pads now.