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Two modern houses in Paraguay.

It is very nice this example of contemporary architecture of Paraguay. Original design and quality, at the height of international architecture. With works of this level, anyone want to put an eye on new developments in this South American country.

It is integrated into the contemporary family homes in a tropical landscape . This pair of singular family homes are samples of architectural evolution , of great value to a South American country that was known for Colonial architecture and restoration of ancient buildings from centuries ago . ‘s Paraguay modernizes, these two houses modern, organic design, bioclimatic , Contemporary style and very unique composition, are evidence of improvement in the field of architecture. curved roofs, the large windowed and integration with the ground allow discover multiple perspectives of these houses, and we must recognize that almost all are fantastic. A house looks to the other and between the two triangular pool completes the composition which is also scenic. To review other projects of modern houses follow this link, you will find a list of relevant entries.

houses in paraguay

Modern houses Paraguay curved roof
The rustic residential construction combined with ultra-modern aspects, almost futuristic. In this architectural project has sought out a protected space for people but combine harmoniously with the topography, vegetation and climate.

One house in perspective from the outdoor pool
Both houses are bioclimatic. One is facing the other as two environments found in the park uneven. Designated comfortably meet a broad sense.

Access to modern houses Paraguayan
Inspiration can be seen in modern Brazilian architecture. It is a quality project, very admirable professional work, and that surely will stimulate not only the architects of Paraguay . Perfectly located in the international architecture scene.

Counter face a house
There is harmony between the parts of the structure, architectural balance , and also on their integration with the ground. Impress as a low-impact work on the ground.

Pair of curved roofs seen from the bottom of a lot
They are “homes that emerge from the ground”, part of the landscape, are not conventional walls or walls own common architectures. The interior and exterior are connected directly to the main section of each.

Terrace of houses and view of the other
They have been identified as “Head jovai”, the project name, and means “ houses facing environments . ” It is located in Luque, a city near the capital Asuncion.