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Houses and land

Today many people do not pay enough attention to the land , only see houses and apartments to live. For the growth of the urban phenomenon land is scarce and to find an empty lot there to go far from the city core. So “house and land” sounds like something from another era, because people give up the latter, for instance live in apartments high in the air. can review more information about planning following the link, is a list of postings relevant. Also see the list of contents on construction of houses .

Houses and land

Residential buildings crowded into the city
Many residential houses occupy most of the lot and the little that is free may be a landless tiled patio or lawn. Currently, when you pull down a house is to build further on the same ground, so that no traces of the earth facing the sun, we must suppose it down than built.

Residential houses and spacious grounds suburb
But that’s not the same everywhere, for example in the United States for many years by a law most of the land must be free of construction , this is not a regulation now equal throughout its territory. The houses are distributed as comfortably and distances are covered by automobile.

So many people, most live in homes in spacious grounds. It is possible that such ordering of urbanization is related to U.S. economic development because it improves the chances of productivity of the construction industry and make people happier lifestyle. Small villas in suburban settings and even rural are now a viable alternative, given that essential public services go far and sustainability are becoming increasingly accessible. Living at 50 or 100 miles of large urban centers, where there highways, is increasingly feasible and with a level or standard as you have in the city.

Suburban house in the U.S.
The land for the houses can be so large, natural environments are to be enjoyed from the windows and the houses themselves are very usual comforts and conveniences of cities. now the concept of impact on the ground is taken into account and respected by architects and owners in some areas. It is based on the idea of altering or invade the soil as little as possible of the land where the house stands, for example building on piles or building two plants instead of one.

Private North American suburb
Las regulations of the construction are strict in this sense in few places or countries. As we evolve and develop trouble creating more and more, we must commit to solutions, such a solution is designed to impact the ground as little as possible to build a new house on his land. There are other entries with topics relevant to the homes and their land that I suggest check.