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House intense purple colored facade

The use of bright colors on the facades of the houses is a new neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Residential home for these pictures color choice did give elegance to the home, adding value to the property. Differed fundamentally from its neighbors. Usually seeks white or soft colors for the facades of houses.

An intense color, bold, contrasting, may show the attitude and personality of the owner or a lifestyle that attempts to highlight as valid. For more information about painting houses follow the link, there is a list that you can review relevant postings.

house intense

Purple facade
The house went to another level, translated as sumptuousness and elegance. Choose colors and combinations thereof with new paintings is another possibility for the current architecture, facilitated by technology to achieve colors and textures.

House cubic house
The modern house is located in a corner of a residential area of the capital of Argentina. It has a design that differs from the common houses in the neighborhood and in general residential housing in the city. Its location on the corner and take off the medians, the shape, height and proportions , show a very well thought out project. architectural On this blog is a page where you can review the list of postings on modern houses , follow this link.

Modern house in a residential neighborhood cubic
This house with its cubic design should have been much imitated, but did not. It’s easy to find the design intelligence in this project, there is space for plants and trees and gets plenty of light at different times of day. In addition, for this house years pass and its architectural design is effective , is like a modern house by design and style.

The architect has this design solved the challenge of corner lots, as these lots are a challenge. The facts reveal that few professionals achieve a plausible solution. Modern house with bricks cubic design view.In the table below you can review other home designs and cubic forms , always find inspiring images.