Home Staging Décor Tips

Home stagers can do a lot of magic when it comes to styling homes. They are able to transform spaces and make unsellable homes sell. Therefore, if you want to make your home spaces feel more inviting, consulting some home stagers can help. However, since they’re professionals, you will have to pay a certain amount of money for the consultation. But if you only need some basic tips, we will be glad to help you with that. Here are some home staging décor tips we gathered for you.

1. Place Mirrors

Placing mirrors on walls is the secret to brighten and amplify the light in a room and it’s best to place them on walls opposing light sources. Also, mirrors can double the visual square footage of any room, meaning, placing several of them on your walls can make your home look bigger.

2. Use Big Art Decorations

Art decorations such as paintings can also add a statement to any room. When choosing an art piece, it’s better to select bigger ones because they can make your wall space appear larger. These big art decorations are best placed on the center above any furniture like sofa, sideboard, and dresser.

3. Choose Floor to Ceiling Drapes

Floor to ceiling drapes can make your ceiling look higher. You can also use plain white sheers if you want to save on money but you have to make sure that they hung properly. They should start all the way at the ceiling and just kiss the floor.

4. Less Is More

Decluttering and de-stressing can make your home look and feel more inviting. Avoid putting too many items on coffee tables, and lessen the pillows on chairs. Also, do not put a lot of art pieces on walls because they make the space feel cramped. It’s better to stick to a few statement pieces and big art decors that will give your home a clean and modern look.

5. Paint and Repaint

It’s important to paint or repaint your home with neutral colors because these will show off your furniture and wall décor better. You can also paint the wood trim around baseboards, doors, and windows with colors that contrast with the wall to make the space more appealing.

6. Make Your Bed Look Luxurious

If you want your bed to look luxurious, the key is to use crisp white linens and plump bedding and pillow. You can easily find fresh white beddings at major home good stores. Then you can layer it with two or three accent pillows in front and you can change them seasonally.

7. Improve the Lights

Lights can bring a lot of style into a room. You can use table lamps and chandeliers, and add dimmers on all of your lights. To make your home feel more inviting, replace old-fashioned light fixtures. For a maximum effect, you can use high-wattage bulbs.

8. Adding Scent Can Help

Aside from decorations, adding scent to a home can also help in making it feel warm and inviting. You can use scented candles or essential oils. These scents will add a relaxing touch to your home.

9. Make the Bathroom Look Like a Hotel


You can also improve the look of your bathroom by adding accessories such as beautiful white towels, chunky bars of soap, eucalyptus, and other decorative items that will give it a spa atmosphere.

10. Choose Unique Furniture

Home lights

Placing some unique furniture in your home like a Danish mid-century wood chair can add a level of authenticity to your home. These types of furniture can also prevent your space from looking like a set or a furniture showroom.

11. Add Texture

If you find your chairs or sofas boring, you can add some layer and texture to it to create visual interest. You can use textured pillows or a fur throw to make the sofa or chair in your living room look cozier and inviting.

12. Create Color Combinations

Aside from adding textures, you can also create color combinations to give life to your seating areas. You can choose to throw pillows with colors that will complement your art or wall décor.

13. Try Using Dark Pieces

If you want your home to have some mood and drama, don’t be afraid to use dark paint and dark pieces. These can also add depth to a space.

14. Float Your Furniture

When we arrange our furniture, we often push them against the walls because we think that the place will be more spacious. However, doing this will only make a space look like a waiting room which is not conducive for socializing and conversations. Therefore, instead of pushing them against the wall, try to float your furniture.

15. Create Centerpieces

Centerpieces on tables can be good decors as well. But remember that when creating centerpieces, you should only put one to three items of the same type. Some examples are candle holders and metallic bowls. Remember to keep them simple and avoid putting too much of them because your tables will look cluttered.

16. Choose Neutral for Staples

When choosing large furniture such as beds and sofas it’s better to go with neutrals. Unlike those bright-colored ones, the look of furniture with neutral colors can be changed from time to time by adding art and accessories to it. It’s easy to do and the best part is they are not as expensive as that highly-styled furniture with bright colors that you can get tired of after a few years.

17. Let Natural Light In

Another secret to making your home look larger and more appealing is to let more natural light into the room. To do this, try to swap heavy or dark window coverings with simple panels.

18. Mix High and Low

When purchasing furniture and decorations for your home, it’s not about the brand or the designer label on it. Remember that good design is all about balance. It does not matter how much your décors cost as long as they can make your home feel and look authentic and inviting.

19. Find Inspirations

For you to get more ideas about home staging décors, finding inspiration from experts can also help. You can also search the internet for different styles and find one that will suit your preferences. Looking into different sources can help you get a feel for what design is wonderful for your home.

20. Ask for Assistance

While the internet is a great platform to learn about the basics of home staging décor, you might also want to go to showrooms and ask for assistance especially if you will be purchasing décor pieces and furniture for your home. Professional home stagers can give you advice on which pieces will match the style idea you have in mind.

When it comes to home staging, adding and replacing simple things in your home can make a big difference. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money because being creative is enough to give your home a fresh look. We hope these tips will help you in making your home look more appealing.