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Home Remedies for humidifying a room

Need to create an environment in your home with more moisture and do not know how? There are several ways to increase the moisture content of a room without necessarily buying a humidifier. Although these devices are not expensive you have to consider increasing the electricity bill and the space it occupies. Dry air is a real health problem as it can cause dry mucous membranes dry skin chapped lips, in addition to much insomnia. If you want to make your room more humid notes, the following tricks.

remedies for humidifying a room

First, get yourself a fish tank or a tank that can be filled with water and put it in a corner of the room. It must be open half to impregnate moisture in the air in the room. This is a very simple solution and you will see how quickly begin to notice the effects of a more humidified atmosphere.

Another natural way to remedies for humidifying a room is placing plants. This has a simple explanation, and that the plants raise the level of humidity in a natural process called transpiration. Whenever you water, water moves from the roots to the pores of the interior of leaves. In addition, these pores release moisture and leave a much less dry environment. Choose a plant that you like, make decorate your stay and forget about the dryness.

The following method to remedies for humidifying a room is by placing a bowl with water well near a heat source. If you have a radiator close, put the pan on top and as the hot water will evaporate, and see how the humidity increases. If you had a radiator, you can put the water near any heat source contribution, but always taking care that this is not electric. Although not as potent, the resulting principle is the same.

Another remedy to improve air quality to remedies for humidifying a room is by placing vases with water on the windows of your house. These containers can fill them with stones, pasta, marbles or any other object. You will be decorating your home with style and above increasing the humidity, you could even put into the water shell of some citrus, like lemon, orange and mandarins for their oils evaporate and besides perfuming, increase the percentage of moisture.

To have a more humid environment, you can hang fresh laundry and hang inside. Save not only energy but also the air we breathe will be much more enjoyable. Another good idea is to buy a water fountain interior which you can plug in anywhere in the house. The sound of water will not only be very relaxing, but the moisture released will help improve the atmosphere.