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How to audition for HGTV home programs

Have visions of samples of paint and false finished dancing in your head. You’ve spent hours watching and wishing you design programs on HGTV. You are ready to move from spectator to participant. With persistence and a little luck, you can take the first step to fulfill your dream of HGTV. Read these steps to learn how to audition for HGTV home programs.

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Go for a program. Start with the programs that are familiar or having a designer that you really like.

Find areas available to audition for HGTV website. Many HGTV programs are filmed in New York City and Los Angeles or nearby.

Have a budget in mind. Some programs give you the money, while others require you to pay for your expenses. Learn about what comes out completely renovate a bathroom before attempting to enter “Save My Bath”. On the other hand, if your tastes and budget tend to the bizarre, “Design for a little” is probably not the program for you.

Consider the time commitment. The interior decoration and landscaping projects can take from several hours to several months. Learn how long the process can be and how much time you devote to the project.

Learn to hand over power. When a designer comes to your home, in a way you are giving total control . They will take your suggestions and ask you what color and style you want, but they are professionals.

Be prepared to present your case. Explain why you need a professional. Make sure you have a hook or angle in your story, if that’s the premise of the program. Sounds eager and excited about the program we want to be part. Take digital photos of the space you want to renew.

Enter the HGTV website, click on the tab “appears on HGTV”, choose the program that interests you and starts the application. Each program has different requirements and specifications.