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Different Types of Home Furniture

It’s easy to take for granted home furniture until you move to a new house and need to start decorating from scratch. From the dining room seats up to storage media, there are many types of furniture that make a house a home. The type of furniture you choose should be a reflection of your personal style, space, budget and many other factors.


A sofa is the heart of most living rooms and is often one of the first purchases of furniture made by the new owners. The sofas can range from large sectional, able to comfortably accommodate a whole family, even sofas two delicate places that are just for two. Styles range from elegant, modern, Scandinavian-inspired sofas to rustic leather. Some people like the classic look of a set of sofa and loveseat, while others prefer an eclectic mix of sofas, chairs and ottomans. Before selecting a type of sofa or chair, consider the size of the room, the overall style of the house and your lifestyle. For example, families with children and pets can choose a sofa with durable fabric instead of leather or silk luxury while people often have guests may want a sofa that folds out into a bed.

Home Furniture


As electronics has evolved, so has the cabinet that houses. The big attractions cabinets stored televisions, computers and media, such as music players and movies in an area and often out of sight. For smaller rooms, a TV stand in a corner of an open shelf might be a better option (Reference 2, bottom of page). The desks for computers come in a wide range of styles too. For a home office, consider a desk with storage integrated file. For a living room or kitchen where work space is limited, many furniture stores offer discrete desks and small tables that could pass for accent. Some tables are equipped with cabins to hide the equipment when not in use.


In addition to the main pieces of furniture like sofa and dining table, every house has a variety of accents. Coffee tables are the quintessential piece of accent and a convenient place to put magazines and books, remotes and, of course, coffee. But accent furniture are not limited to the coffee table. For example, a simple pedestal table can give life to a small corner to display photos or plants. A credenza with closet space makes a unit of storage elegant. And a bank can become a stylish place to store shoes. Instead of a coffee table in front of the sofa, some homeowners are changing it and are using vintage, Turkish boxes or chests. The glass-door cabinets are excellent to show memorabilia, books, framed photos and other various objects.


Dining Room

Unless you eat all your meals with your plate on your lap, your family needs a dining table. Many homeowners opt for two tables: one for occasional small kitchen table and a larger table that can be extended with inserts or leaves, for formal dining. Traditionally, the tables are made ​​of wood or stained or painted sheet metal, although some modern paintings contain other materials such as glass or MDF. Round and simple tables and square tables convey a more casual feel or country, while the elegant oval or rectangular tables are considered more formal. Dining tables can be supported by straight legs or classic curves, a central column (table pedestal) or even a unit of storage recessed center. Most tables are available with matching chairs, although some owners choose to buy another type of chair for variety.



The bedroom furniture is often sold in matching systems that include a double or king size tables and comfortable night or closet, but many homeowners today are opting to mix and match furniture different collections and shops to a lively and eclectic feel. Popular styles of beds ranging from sleigh bed, known for its curved, angled header into bed with canopy, a structure consisting of posts and beams covered with romantic flowing curtains. The kids rooms are generally equipped with a standard double bed, stacked bunk beds or sofa day. The tables evening stations serve as convenient bedside books break, glasses, lotions and water glasses, while the cabinets are ideal for clothes that do not fit in the main cabinet. In addition to traditional types of bedroom furniture, some owners are diversifying to design rooms that feel more like hotel suites, including luxurious chairs, full length mirrors and vanities.


Miscellaneous Storage

Every home needs some furniture storage , from bookshelves to cubicles for shoes. A kitchen cart can be used as a chopping block, but also to store frequently used dishes and other kitchen items. The shelves provide storage everywhere from the library to the pantry and garage. In the bedroom, closets and dressers can be used for storage of clothing and bedding that will not fit in the main cabinet.