Home Interior Design

How to Use Punch Home Design

Punch Home Design is a complete program that includes elements of home design, options for garden design and interior design components, including the construction of furniture. The 3D model allows you to walk around the house or the aerial view. The program calculates the square footage and the cost of construction and create a plant growth forecast. Punch Home Design is intuitive to use and relatively easy to use. If you get stuck, the user manual is very helpful and easy to understand instructions.

Punch Home Design

How to Use Punch Home Design

Load the program and type N or Control-Alt-FN to create a new document. Name the document and save it by typing Control-S or Alt-FS.

Draw the walls of the building you are designing, whether choosing the wall icon in the upper left and using it to draw or by choosing a predesigned form the right bar.

Add the doors by clicking the door icon in the upper left. A selection of different door sizes are shown on the right. Click the size you want and drag it to the wall where you want to place. Add the windows by clicking the windows icon, choosing the right side of the screen and dragging a window to the corresponding wall.

Change the sizes of walls, doors and windows by clicking on the arrow icon on the left side of the screen, and the object you want to modify and then use the highlighted box at the end of the object to make it bigger or smaller. You can click on the delete key to remove an object once you have marked.

Use the rest of the icons along the top to put the building roof, add stairs, floors, fences, roads, platforms and trees. There is a CAD tool icons above.

Click the icon that looks like a chair to include design elements inside. A drop-down menu to the right contains objects for the kitchen, bathrooms, lounges, dining rooms, bedrooms, game rooms, libraries and offices. There is also a selection of exterior elements such as arches and skylights.

Create multi-story by clicking on the Layout menu and choose Work plan, or type Alt-DW. Other menu options include properties grid design, size and scale of the site plan.

Rota objects, write words, estimated the growth of plants and move objects with the other icons on the date icon. Use the ruler on the bottom of the screen to take action.

Choose from the icons in the lower right corner to calculate load an outline view of the building and loading the furniture workshop.

3D MIra choosing your project a visual method under the View menu, or by clicking on one of the square icons in the upper right. Options include full screen, half screen with your design on one side and the 3D view of the other and quarter screen. Fly or walk on your design.