Living Room Design

Customizing your home decor

Customize your home is to add end to your home decor after painting the walls and the furniture placed touches. Even if the furniture is exactly what you imagined for the room , chances are you will not feel complete without some well placed accessories that complement any room. Keep in mind the style, colors and theme of the room when choosing what type of accessories to add.


Hanging works, pictures or mirrors on the walls. Pick pieces that contain colors , themes, or similar content to the room in which they will be hung. For example, a contemporary living room decorated with chocolate brown walls, white furniture edges and could have a picture of a white table with a vase of lime green and one white flower. Hang two or three images among medium and large joints, or a grouping of smaller pictures at eye level from a seated or standing position.

home decoration

Use floor lamps or table lamps to illuminate dark corners of the room . Choose lamps that complement the decor. For example, use antique lamps with hand painted floral designs for a Victorian living room or bedroom.

Place a group of candles on the coffee table, a side table, bedside table, mantel or shelf. Three pillars or votive candles grouped together soften the room while adding ambiance. Choose scented or colored for effect you want candles.

Displays a collection of ornaments, paintings, statues, vases and other precious items. Create a group of similar items with different heights, widths and textures to make them look good together and simultaneously create balance and interest. For example, if you have a collection of several snow globes or small vacation memories, display them together. Each item must be clearly visible within the group, otherwise you have too many items.

Liven up the room with plants or flowers. Choose plants or artificial flowers if you are good or not look after them want to worry about maintenance. Use them to introduce color and “life” in the room .

Includes texture to your accessories. It accomplishes this with a carpet in a neutral color for a room modern, or a rug with an interesting design on a room easily. Arrange the chairs, a sofa or bed with cushions in different sizes and colors . Place a blanket in a cabinet where it is easy to grab when it’s cold and make the room seem more cozy and comfortable. Associated any color or striking pattern, or use in soft and muted shades, as the finishing touch tones.