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A history of the modern home

The first designs modern house precursors, are already in the second half of the nineteenth century. But it’s early twentieth residential architectural works are amazing, Vanguard houses responding to another architectural paradigm in relation to socio-cultural and economic movements.

Now when we say “modern house” usually referred to some version or contemporary home model , and do so to denote that is newly designed or is it a new home. On the one hand there are modern houses and other old houses. This is how we understand most easily to make communication. In a very elementary emphasize that a modern house is one that has nothing in common with the old. But in the story modern homes, defined by their design, architectural style and also at a time. The differences between “old house”, modern house, and contemporary house are based on conceptions of architecture. ‘s house corresponds with Modern New Architecture , and it is not a fad at a time, is really a matter revolution architecture. The Contemporary house arises from the evolution of the modern home for our time, where the lifestyle and the speed of events is different.

modern home

To review designs and models of modern houses follow this link, is a list of relevant entries with photos.

The modern house then came a new conception to project housing, and use them according to other priorities, typical of Modern Times. In the first model homes in the eyes of today show the characteristics of modern houses , contemporary stand particularly those designed by Dutch architects Vanguard from 1910 until the late ’20s.

Projected refined white houses stood out for the quality of the works. Their developments influenced the Bauhaus in Germany and in other schools of architecture. Even today, almost one hundred years later, his works attract attention, and they learn in training architects, such as the Schroder House.

The Dutch explored a more refined and advanced modernity. They were able to do so thanks to the neutrality of the Netherlands during the 1st. World War. They reduced the planes and space architecture, which are elemental aspects. The idea that emerged was to reduce painting to its basic components and spiritual sense, looking for the ultimate truth, as if it were spiritual geometry.

It is a house that could excel today when compared with other Modern or contemporary. At the time was the architectural translation of a plastic work, such as painting carried three dimensions, an exercise in architecture. Modern Art in the form of a house. To reach such forms handling and appearance, the architects of the Dutch movement inspired not only Mondrian painting also in the works of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright . Particularly overlapping planes, the fluid interior spaces , large verandas and roofs protruding. But they overlooked the influence of the Arts and Crafts and ornament that old saw.

Furniture designed for Schroder House

It takes time to define historic architecture movement, one wonders how it will be later known what we now call “contemporary”. Do not confuse the contemporary with the historic Modern style. The idea of an ” international design “has taken on new meaning in our globalized and digitized.

Today, the ultra-modern houses futuristic concerns are shaped by creative individuals, but also architects develop their tasks with a framework of time and space in a way like never before.

The art, architecture, and vision of a new man, have much to do with the change in the design and construction of the dwellings of man. Homes for people to perform activities as functions necessary to live in Modern Times.