Painting Houses

Highlight the columns with paint

When decorating a room and choose the right color to paint it, we must pay attention to how you have the stay . Sometimes we columns and partitions that can be a bit uncomfortable or upset. Therefore, we propose some ideas to take advantage of the columns and partitions and highlight them with paint . Thus, rather than elements that give problems when decorating, they will become key and main elements of the new decor .


Ideas and examples to highlight the columns with paint

Living room: fusion of styles
A large room with columns and different ceiling heights. A priori it may seem difficult to achieve a decoration for the room, but with a different color on the columns and walls is achieved in the living room is a room where different style merge.

Room two rooms
We have a room with columns and sloping ceilings that make when decorating is a little more complicated. Therefore, what you are going to do is use these elements for a more original stay and achieve two different environments in it.

Original and striking room
very bright colors for the walls have the risk of being too intense and not combine well. To achieve these two colors join choose to paint the upper spine that separates the two areas with different color and achieve a very striking and original, joint decoration.

Modern and bright Hall
We find a hall that lacks natural light. Therefore, the walls will be painted with a light color, and columns will be highlighted with a darker tone. Thus, columns charge more prominence in the new decor.

Rustic dining
area entrance to this room is painted a color, and another dining area. To get both rooms are incorporated into the overall decor, opt to paint one of the columns of the same color as the wall entry.

Decorate study corner in a small room
Columns can help define areas and areas of a room. In this case, we have a small room that you want to incorporate a small study corner. To do this, use the area between the two columns and painted a different color to define the new space.