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In the current residential developments reveals two trends . A home is to make different from each other, so that each owner gets expressed and defined by the shape, size and appearance of your home. The other is to design the houses so that they are and look almost the same. This latter tends to fall under criticism by many, for external equalization principle undermines the personal, the individual and to the cultural characteristic of the inhabitants of a house. For more information on planning follow this link, you will find a list of relevant postings organized for easy reference.

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So that there are two poles because these trends are observed in both unfortunate results that contradict the intended purpose in each direction for each of the trends. If the houses are very different, the urban homogeneity and thus lost cultural identity. When houses are the same, such as social housing, the urban has the identity of the person who invented, but no signs of the identities of the people who actually use the houses and have the need to express outwardly in society, from home, as in any culture.

Arguably equal houses government plans for social housing programs arising board sets some urban residential designer, aculturizan deny cultures and impose a model. While we can say that the houses very different from one another, own individual quirks, do not develop a culture because they provide a shared identity and necessary to the community. In both directions is often the mistake that distorts the purpose urban motivation of the trend. A better approach to this problem is one that allows a homogeneous urban look with individual diversity. The houses may have design features that clearly differentiate and may well be individualized, to distance and eye. The villas usually show that combination of the identity of the whole, and of the houses that comprise it.

The roofs often play an important role, building materials as well. collective Residential buildings require a unifying design, there is expressed identity. But the houses are the units themselves and each, therefore, must have a profile that identifies itself.

Man makes house but this helps man to make a place in the world like a prosthetic accompanying for thousands of years. The house protects the family, which is the cell of society itself. orchestrated Social harmony is an important degree of urbanization, a developed wisely. Not equal house or different houses, are houses like those that contribute to harmony. Such is not the same. The urban fabric provides an inspiring model, including educator, a tangible medium reminiscent as it is better to live permanently. Life is a social phenomenon and communication, in a frame. The planet for example is our big house, the house of humanity.