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Hanging lamps

Indoor decorative appeal. The crafts with paper, shown here, deserve valued as home recycling resources and not just as light fixtures DIY’s own. You can always find ideas for crafts displays at home and with his own hands, projects images in this post are good ideas for turning old magazines into new objects used in the home, lighting and decorating at a time. ‘re inspiring examples. Crafts can occupy the time of a housewife, or a craftsman, since the transformation material discovered undoubted virtues of decorative aesthetic value . Refer to the list of posts about sustainability and ecology , follow this link, no content relevant.

interior decorators

Series of small pendant lamp paper
The cottages both illuminate and are illuminated , dual-track decorate both when when emitting light, as in the day when they receive natural light.

Leaves and tops of houses forming paper magazines
It’s a simple, ideal for skilled people, but it is also an inspiring idea to add to the resources of the interior decorators . There are many possible variations, the pictures show only some very effective.

Recycled paper hanging
The quality of these buildings hanging paper , is given by the type of paper chosen, cuts as good design ideas, and the proportions of the elements in each of the sets, whether interior lights or garlands (hanging) to decorate.

Paper Hanging houses in a window
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