How to hang curtain panels

As the windows in your house, a patio door lets in sunlight during the day and the light of the street lamps and other exterior lights at night. If you would like to avoid light, or simply cover a patio door because you find that appearance is unattractive, you can do so using curtain panels. Hang panels on a patio door can be achieved through similar to hang curtains on windows media.


Put the curtain panels you want to hang on the patio door on a bar long enough to extend beyond each side of the patio door. Hold the bar on the patio door until the bottom of the panels off the ground.

hang curtain panels

Hold a bracket for curtain rod into the wall on one side of the patio door on one end of the bar, while it is in the proper position for the curtains touch the floor. Lower the bar and curtains and mark the position of the upper clamping bracket .

Place a screw through the top hole in the bracket and bind it to the wall using the screws that came with the curtain rod. Do not tighten the top screw completely, and leaves the lower screw hole empty.

Place the end of the curtain rod in the holder and keep the other support at the other end of the bar. Lift the end that is not yet attached to the wall and put a magnetic level on it. When the level shows that the curtain rod is uniform, hold the bracket against the wall and mark the top screw hole.

Lower the curtain rod and attached the panels and the second bracket to the wall through the top screw hole. Once the bracket is in place, fixed on the curtain rod brackets and rotate the bottom of these as you need so that the bar is properly seated in them. Tighten the top screws on both supports and adds the bottom screw to secure.