How far land should hang curtains

Hang curtains in your home has many advantages: privacy, protection against sun fading effects, added color and a sense of height, as your eyes are drawn upwards. Like most tasks decoration, curtains of choice can be overwhelming for some people, especially since they come in a variety of lengths.

Draperies curtains against

What is the difference between curtains and drapes? The first is usually made ​​of heavier fabric that drapes and hangs in deep folds and elegant. Destined to be thrown through the window, the curtains are always to the floor and extend beyond the width of the window from three to six inches (7.62 to 15.24 cm) on each side.

hang curtains

Modern flat panel draperies are often paired with another layer of panels to create a weathered style. However, falling to the floor. curtains, moreover, are made ​​of lighter weight material and can be hung in various lengths. They are frequently used in smaller windows (in the kitchen , for example) and can be hung with clips, rings or fabric flaps.


Casual curtain lengths

For a casual curtain, cafe aspect, hang it from two to three inches (5.08 to 7.62 cm) below the window seal. If your windows are decorated with a nice finish, you may want to hang the curtain low enough to touch the top of the board, helping to show the decorative border or apron, as it is called sometimes. Curtains that stop just before reaching the floor or at the end of the top floor moldings, look weird.

Long formal curtains

In general, the longer the shade (or shades), it looks more formal. The curtains that barely touch the ground complement formal or elegant rooms and well-appointed living rooms, dens or libraries. Hang curtains stylish, extra that mix on the floor below the window onto space as a dining room, a more romantic look.