Guide to Bar stools and Counter stools

Take home a slice of the adventure, style and excitement traditionally reserved for professional entertainment spaces and get that flair in your kitchen, lounge or dining room by purchasing a set of counter stools or barstools. The playful quirk of barstools makes them amazing for homes that are looking to add a little interest into their traditional floor plan and furniture styling. Let your personality shine with counter stools that will enhance your home’s character. Read on for a guide to finding the right stools for your space…

Decide the What and Where Before the When

Before you do anything (really, anything) you need to have a good hard think about the what and the where you want out of your barstools. The what, meaning what you will use them for, and the where being where you’ll keep those stools on a day to day basis. First, the where. If you’re wanting to use your counter stools for breakfast, morning coffee or casual dining, you’ll want to stash them at the breakfast bar in your kitchen, by your countertops or at your dining table in your eating nook. Maybe you’re wanting to update your dining room? Adding barstools to your dining set is a great means of adding a contemporary edge to your formal setting. Once you’ve got the where all settled, you can think about the what. What are you going to use these for on a regular basis? Will they be purely for socialising or for eating, too? Perhaps you want to repurpose them as small tables in the living room when not in use? These decisions are going to help you determine which features you’ll want to have on your stools.

After these two contemplations have been made, you can get to the when.

Make your Measurements

Measurements are essential to finding stools that actually fit with your room! If you’re looking at placing your bar stools beneath a countertop, table, island, or, well, just about any surface, then you’ll need to be pretty meticulous here. Grab that tape and measure from the flat of the floor to the base of your surface, take that number with you wherever you go to ensure that they’ll be enough room for both the stool and the person that’s going to be sitting on it. You should also be mindful of your horizontal measurements to be sure that you can fit the amount of stools you’d like along your surface.

Consider a Few Functions

This ties into the decisions you made during your “what” contemplations. If you’re wanting to use your stools for dining, you might want to opt for stools that have a back rest and even arm rests, too. This is going to make dining a little more comfortable and it will make your seats suitable for all ages, young or otherwise. If you’re wanting to use your stools for something a little more casual, more sociable, then you’ll want to look for adjustable heights and swivel functions – these make drinking and chatting more accessible. Functions can transform your stools, so they are a vital aspect to look at.

Materials Matter

Once you’ve considered all of those essential practicalities, it’s time to think about style! Materials make all the difference when it comes to furniture, particularly bar stools. If you want something fresh or classic, opt for clean neutrals, painted wood or lighter upholstery. Maybe you’re more into the edgier side of things? If so you might want to veer towards moodier timbers, steels, or darker tones. Shop according to your home’s style and your own taste to make the best decision possible.