Guide for hanging curtains

The curtains give privacy to your home as well as highlighting the windows with decorative elements. Learning to hang curtains requires great precision to measure and fit in the right place, but once they are hung as desired, you can leave it there until you need cleaning or directly remove them to decorate the window otherwise. There are some basic guidelines that will help you simplify the process of hanging curtains .


Use a ladder to place the bar of the curtain in the media that are on both sides of the window to hang curtains . Use a level to determine whether the bar of the curtain is hanging straight while in the stands. The leveling bar indicates that the curtain is straight when the air bubble in the middle of the tool is seated between the two lines at the level of the window.

Remove the brackets and rod curtain wall with a screwdriver if the rod curtain is not level. Fill the holes in the screws with wood putty or plaster with a spatula or trowel and let it dry. Sand the filler with fine sandpaper so that it is flush with the wall. You will not have to repaint if you are careful because the curtains hide the wall repair.

hanging curtains
Place the curtains spread onto a clean carpet. Measure the length of the curtains . Climb a ladder up and use a tape measure to determine where the wall is placed screws of the mounting bar the curtain . It measures a few centimeters above the wall the length of the curtains if you want the bottom of the curtain to pile up on the floor. Make these measurements with a pencil. Drill holes into the brackets with a cordless drill. Replace the brackets back into the wall with a screwdriver.


Measure the rod curtain with a tape measure and add 2 inches (5 cm) to the length you measured. This is the ideal width for your curtains . For example, if the rod curtain is 100 inches (2.5 m), then each curtain should be up to 52 inches (1.3 m) of space at the bar of the curtain . The curtains may have more or less space on the bar, depends on how you want to accommodate.

Spend the bar across the top edge of the curtains . Accommodate the upper hem curtains in equal pursed to hang curtains as evenly as possible. Climb the ladder up and engages the bar with curtains to hang from the brackets. Sets the upper hem of curtains moving from back to front on the rod curtain .