Grow Your Food at Home For Better Digestive Health

Digestive health or gut health is among the top factors that affect your immunity. Poor digestive health will impact your weight, mental health, mood, skin etc. So keeping your gut health in check should be among your top priorities.

The trend of fast food, junk food and fermented drinks has badly affected our digestive systems. So the quest for organic, gut-friendly foods has been started for many years. We have compiled a list on how you can have foods that you can easily grow at home and use fresh in your cooking so you will have a healthier digestive system.

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1. Grow the gut-friendly foods

If you have a small backyard or a garden and if you live in an apartment, you can make use of the balcony to grow your fruits and vegetables. There are many fruits that you can grow at home which are extremely beneficial for your gut.

Strawberries can help relieve the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and overactive bladder; these gems also assist in restoring a healthy pH balance within the digestive system.

Blueberries add a different flavour to your palette and also enhance immune function.

Mint is a fresh herb that can be easily grown at home. Put a dash of mint in your water bottle and you get a detox drink on the go.

Cauliflower contains a good amount of vitamin C, potassium and folic acid which are important to maintain good digestion.

2. Get the gear

Growing your home garden can be quite a challenge. You have to keep it pesticide-free, natural and organic. This can be heavy on the pocket. But with expert tips, you can easily tackle these obstacles.

Visit your local nursery and ask for advice from the gardener. You can ask how to plant, harvest and nurture your produce. Gardeners will be able to give you realistic opinions on what you can achieve gardening at home. They may also guide you about the products you would need for your garden.

3. Get cooking

Clean eating is a challenge but with the right ingredients and recipes, you can make your life easy. If you have home-grown fruits, you can make smoothies from those. Blueberries and strawberries are perfect ingredients for smoothies. Add a dash of coconut milk or almond milk and you get the perfect blend.

Create a salad bowl with kale, iceberg and other green vegetables you have grown at home. You can add a bit of colour to the salad with cabbage, carrots, radish and cucumbers. Not only is it best for your body, eating healthy will nourish your mind as well.

Make vegetable soups to give an extra boost to your immunity. Cabbage soup is recommended by dieticians to lose excess weight.

By getting rid of junk food from your life and growing your food at home, you are in control of the quality and choice of food intake. You will see better results in just a few days.