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“The greenest home is going green” and addresses the need to change, even going from the house to a collective housing singular accessible because they run times of crisis also for environmental sustainability. Actual construction was causing part of the crisis, now the business of brick fell after a major bubble. Now we must build a sustainable manner so as not to jeopardize the future.

Green building

Organic home
To make the change everyone has to do their part and leave aside partly economic speculation on construction. All including architects, real estate developers, politicians . He says the key is not to use renewable energy at home, actually in self build or modify homes, make a house a machine that fucione itself.

There are ancient pillars that hold for the purpose, for example in Spain give the house an orientation, with windows and doors lift large, for the North and the South, looking for cross ventilation in a house with more hours of heat and solar lighting . The vegetation on the walls is a great help, also covers the ceilings. Toilets must think in order to be used by more than one person at a time.

With greater thermal inertia in the construction system avoids energy losses. Any architect should use all these resources. To prevent heat loss need to insulate the house, so no need to use heat sources because the house may only regulate and maintain a useful energy balance. There are signs of sustainable architecture but unfortunately is expensive as it is applied to high standard residences. But it is entirely possible to get a no frills and sustainable housing that can be offered to the market at an affordable.

Even a pool can naturalize with gravel and aquatic plants that purify the water, as occurs naturally in mountain lakes and streams. Climbing plants exploit ecological purpose very well, so the onstruction comes in harmony with Nature. This passes the house and is not interrupted by construction. So overheats in summer and winter less loses little heat. Think of the future of our children responsibly and a few easy ideas to implement used for this purpose. There are many postings on ecology and sustainable housing, in the table below you can review some selected links.