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Great ideas to paint the home receiver and hit

Get to get home every day even more enjoyable is easy if you consider some recommendations with respect to the decoration of the hall. You just have to value the space the colors and the aroma that is breathed if there is order or chaos. After you have done so, you will notice that you can change some things in a simple way to achieve other more positive feelings. Here we leave some ideas for decorating the hall with paint.


It may not be your case but as a rule, the receivers of most houses or flats of normal people are usually not very spacious. Quite the contrary tickets tend to be small with little free wall space as they act as distributors into other rooms and there are many doors. In addition, they do not usually have windows on the street. Well, all this can make the entries appear as dark and sad places. If this happens to your receiver do not hesitate: need more light. Luckily, there are several ways to paint the home foyer and enhance the light. Thus, you will achieve that space appears much brighter than it is and wider.

For starters, when you go to renew painting walls choose light colors to increase the brightness. These colors will give you a greater sense of spaciousness. You can opt for pure white although an effect total white can sometimes be somewhat soulless. In this case, you can try a broken white beige or a pearl gray. This last option of color is my favorite because it seems to me that it brings to the space a special elegance.

With the rise of Nordic style decor, it has produced what we might call the appreciation of the target. Not that I was in disuse and has been rescued but it is true that lately in a color trend that although it has never ceased to be is enhanced by decorative currents in the Nordic countries advocating it as long In almost any circumstance.

It is true that bet on a completely white look to paint the hall house including floors, walls, ceilings and furniture can be excessive but the problem can be solved without having to renounce the use of this color. Add furniture and accessories with wood finish lighter or darker a natural plant or some notes of color in pictures or decorative objects. Problem solved!

Bet on a single color

If your receiver is not great, here you have an idea that can help you create a sense of spaciousness: choose the same color for the walls the rest of the rooms surrounding it. In these way potencies, homogeneity in the walls when painting the hall of house and you will get the spaces to lengthen and appear wider. It is a way to eliminate visual divisions.

The constant racking of entrances and exits to which this space is subjected can make it become more dirty than normal, so you can use a painting easy to keep clean. And if, in addition, choose a satin finish instead of matte you get the light is reflected to a greater extent. Of course, the satin finishes tend to emphasize more than mate the possible imperfections that have the walls do. It’s something you should keep in mind.

It is true that white is our greatest ally when it comes to boosting amplitude in a small space, but we do not always have to adhere to this norm in a radical way. If you are a lover of intense colors, you can also choose them at the entrance. Of course, decant ate by the cold tones like green, blue and turquoise that help to extend the perspective. And what about color fringing? The horizontals widen the space and the vertical ones make the ceilings appear higher. Nevertheless, use the painting for your own benefit to paint the home receiver to your liking. You will see how it is a great resource to decorate the entrance.