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Great gift ideas for a new home, large wall mirrors, furniture and more

There are many posts around the internet about how you can improve your home, add value to your home and make your home more inviting, but your own home aside for a moment, what should you buy a friend as a house warming present?

Obviously this question has many answers and this can greatly depend on your budget, the one thing to think of is things that they might need when first moving, this can be something simple as utensils or something a bit more upmarket as a large centre piece of nice piece of modern art.

Talk in depth with them about their new home and how they are considering decorating it, this will give you a few ideas of the things you could buy for them.


Large Wall Mirrors

When decorating a home sometimes you may find that a room looks to bland and light is restricted, this is a great opportunity to look at investing in a large wall hung mirror which can be place on their wall and will not only look the business but will also make their room appear bigger, giving it a much nicer atmosphere. This will provide a perfect house warming present, we suggest looking at Soraya Interior’s Wall Mirrors as they have a huge collection of decorative wall mirrors which will suit pretty much any home, just ensure you make a mental note of the kind of size of the wall and be prepared to help them with fitting if need be! It can be a bit of a daunting experience to hang a wall mirror, luckily they do provide a good guide to hanging your wall mirror.

Additional furniture and storage

Often when people move they invest in new furniture and won’t know until they unpack how much storage space they will actually need, they will also find that in their home there could be spaces which look empty. Either of these situations give you the opportunity of buying them some more bespoke furniture, this can be a storage solution or something more funky to fit the style of your friends home.

Artwork and final touches

You can invest in expensive artwork if you feel it is something they might really like, bare in mind though that in their home they might have ideas of the things they already want to hang on the walls. You can often find some great personal gifts that might fit well in a couples home, either wall stickers or hangings of a specific kind suited to their personality.