Kitchen Design

Gray and white kitchen

Then we will see an example to decorate a kitchen in white and gray. A simple but functional kitchen white and gray.
When designing and decorating a kitchen, in addition to thinking about the arrangement of the furniture, we must also pay attention to the color scheme. Depending on the size of the kitchen we choose some colors or others. Lighting also plays a key role in choosing the right colors .

white kitchen

Here we show an example to decorate a kitchen in white and gray. It is an open kitchen with a kitchen bar that separates the kitchen area from the living room sofa area. Furthermore, one side of this kitchen table and chairs is as a dining area. As for the decoration of this kitchen white and gray are two main colors in the kitchen modules : white and gray. All lower kitchen modules are gray, and white top. In addition, some of the top modules have glass doors to give a different touch. The wall on which the hood is, along with some upper modules, is painted gray from the middle up. The bottom is coated in a light tone.

In this kitchen white and gray highlights the sense of clarity and cleanliness . By using lighter colors that stay we appear wider. Furthermore, in the area bounded by the kitchen bar it has been placed a mirror making the space is flooded with light. The area between the breakfast bar and the worktop is coated with a vinyl floor in a light tone. Thus the area is delimited to cook the rest of the stay and the combination of colors in white and gray remains.

To complete the breakfast bar kitchen this white and gray, have three colored stools modern style. Two of them have gray seat and one in white. In this way everything is completely combined. For the dining area has chosen a glass table and seats in gray and white. In addition, the window that is on that wall is decorated with curtains of gray and white. It also features a white metal lamp on the table.