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Is it good vinegar to the glass of the shower?

Distilled white vinegar is a multipurpose household cleaner destined to remain in a spray in the bathroom. The vinegar will not affect the environment and is safe for use on tile, porcelain, mirrors and glass doors of the shower. Adopt the habit of cleaning with vinegar to have a clean and germ-glass really shine.

glass of the shower


Cleaning Sponge
The simple white vinegar applied with a sponge on the glass door of the shower will remove the soap and shampoo stains and water marks before they are seated. The vinegar works both in the glass of the shower and in the windows . The smell of vinegar dissipates quickly, making it ideal for bathrooms without ventilation.

Atomize and scrub
Fill a spray bottle with three tablespoons of ammonia, a tablespoon of vinegar and the rest with water. Sprayed on the glass of the shower and scrub the dirt and mold a nylon scourer. Use vinegar to clean the glass regularly will eliminate the need to scrub less frequently, but more intensely. Ventilate the room well when using ammonia. In the case of a non-frosted glass, try a trick to brighten up the windows and doors clean with crumpled sheets of newspaper to give you a glow without staining.
Killing germs shower
Vinegar effectively reduces microbial contamination in the kitchen and bathroom according to a study from the University of Minnesota and later report from Purdue University. The vinegar was most effective, along with pine disinfectant and chlorine based cleaners to remove harmful microbes in the tests, although it was less effective to remove dirt and grime. The vinegar rinse can help in the fight against germs in the tiles and glass doors of the shower.

Crossing the grime in the shower
Vinegar also passes through the mold and soap scum that forms in the glass of the shower. Sprayed onto the mounds of dirt and let the tender vinegar before cleaning. A spray undiluted white vinegar destroys the minerals in hard water and prevents remain on the glass. Use the spray before taking a shower, use it again after cleaning the glass with a squeegee, the vinegar will help to disperse the calcium and magnesium deposits that can form a layer of scales on the glass of the shower.