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Italian design glass doors

The interior glass doors can be functional resources, and even decorative art objects. These impeccably designed Italian doors come in a variety to meet different tastes and needs. There are folding doors, sliding, hanging, transparent, decorated and many designs are truly unique. You can see many more doors and other glass in the OTC website. For more information and photos of openings, doors and windows, follow the link, is a list of relevant postings sorted for easy reference.

design glass doors

Italian Glass doors for interiors
The Italian company that makes doors are not the usual designs are creative, modern and one that can not see that is an average door.

Why not hang art the doors rather than only on the walls? These models, such as the following picture look like a work of art. Were designed with that purpose.

Decorative Glass Door
Before transferring of these art glass doors you may well stay at her with admiration. They add a focus to their environment, make a difference, no doubt.

Dividing door glass
OTC offers a number of versatile door systems such as sliders or bars mounted to rotate and pivot versatile designs for very original decorations. You can put accents on the doors to their modern environments.

Division with glass doors
The door can guide the design concept of the rooms, you can choose from many options. If you prefer to leave the decor for your walls, doors can choose different colors and patterns. These doors make you a distinctive impression in an environment and can aid in the design process if you have a more important focal point in interior design.

Unpolished glass door Fina Italian design
Nobody is going to have another door the same as yours because you can order custom models. If someone copies the doors then that is proof of its originality. Review the following selected relevant postings. leave your opinion in writing to the foot.