Garage Essentials: What Tools Should Every Household Have?

Some things are essential to own in life. Some are must-have gadgets, others are contraptions, gizmos, widgets, and a variety of other things. For instance, could you imagine life without your smartphone? Scheduling, staying in touch, banking, emails, and more would be that much more difficult without this crucial piece of tech. The same applies to computers, cars, and all the other modern conveniences we are so used to.

All these things are tools. But if you think about your garage or shed, how well-stocked in the “traditional” tool department is it? If you’re missing some essential tools, those DIY jobs and home repair tasks will be nigh unto impossible.

This helpful article will share what power tools you should definitely own for use around the house, and ones that will simply make your life a whole lot easier.

Must Haves – Spanners, Shifters and Screwdrivers

When you’re looking at the best power tools in Australia from places like Festool, you’ve got to look at what you need first. Some essential tools that every household needs are spanners, shifters and screwdrivers.

Spanners are the best tool for tightening or loosening bolts, nuts and other attachments that can be tightened or loosened. You never know when you’ll need a spanner – it might be during furniture assembly, changing a tyre, or fixing something around the house. Whatever the task, it always pays to have a spanner handy.

Shifters are another word for adjustable wrenches. These are essential tools to have around the house as being adjustable means they can be adjusted to tighten or loosen smaller or larger nuts, whereas a spanner is not adjustable.

And screwdrivers are an absolutely essential tool to own. Ideally, you should have a screwdriver set with a range of different sizes of Phillip’s head and flathead screwdrivers. You’ll need these for a variety of jobs around the house.

Some tasks that require a screwdriver include removing battery flaps from toys, tightening screws on hinges of doors and cupboard doors, assembling or disassembling furniture and taking window fly wire covers off or on.

A Power Drill and Impact Driver

The next essential tool to add to your home’s collection is a power drill. This will be either a cord or rechargeable battery-powered drill. We recommend a battery-powered one because, with a corded drill, you are stuck with the maximum length of your extension cord. In contrast, with a battery-powered drill, you can take the drill anywhere you need to use it.

A drill’s primary purpose is to drill holes, a common task in basic home DIY and repair. You can even get different drill bits for drilling into different surfaces, such as brick or stone.

The following tool to acquire is an impact driver. This tool will quickly and efficiently drive screws into the holes made by your drill. An impact driver will save you time and won’t wear out your forearms like screwing manually will.

Next Up – Saws

The next set of tools to acquire is a set of saws. You have the option of manual or power saws, and what you get will depend on the scope and frequency of the work you wish to undertake. A hand saw and a hacksaw are fine and dandy for occasional use. However, for bigger jobs, a power saw is definitely the way to go, as it will save you time and won’t leave you with an aching arm and shoulder after the job.

More Essentials – A Stud Finder

No garage tool collection should be without a stud finder. This is a valuable tool that will allow you to find the studs in your wall. These are the beams of your home’s frame. The reason you want to find studs is that things can be mounted on them without the risk of them falling out and ripping out the plaster from your wall.

You may wish to mount a TV, a cabinet, a shelf or something else. In which case, a stud finder is invaluable to have as it will quickly identify where the stud is.

A Tape Measure

Don’t underestimate the humble tape measure as a home tool essential. A tape measure will allow you to measure the distance between two points, which is precisely what you need for home DIY and repairs.

You can measure lengths of wood, the distance between walls and anything and everything you need around the home. No garage toolset is complete without one.

A Trusty Hammer

The trusty hammer is another essential tool to acquire. A hammer is used for hammering in nails, and the other side of the head can be used to wrench them out of wood. Both are everyday tasks in any DIY or home repairs and renovations.

A Crafty Conclusion

We’ve explored the garage essentials in this helpful article and shared what tools every household should have. These essential tools will get you well on your way to a fully stocked collection – and remember, you can always get more, depending on what jobs you need to do.