Gaming Room: Are Dedicated Accessories Better?

Video games have been insanely popular as they were but today, in the age of eSports and an ongoing pandemic, they have become more than just fun: they are the livelihood for some, escapism for others, and a means to socialize for many. Kids and adults are spending an ever-increasing number of hours sitting in front of a computer or a console, making the use of the right furniture and accessories more important than ever.

While some may argue that, in general, office furniture will usually do the trick, there are reasons why you may want to choose furniture and accessories designed with gamers in mind. So, let’s see a few tips on how to equip an epic gaming room.

The desk

The average office desk has a simple, basic design that makes it fit for getting work done… but gaming desks are doing better.

First and foremost, they come without the drawers and shelves – this means more room for the gamer’s legs (and chair) underneath. Besides, they are adjustable: in most cases, you can change their height and the angle of the tabletop to fit your needs. Plus, their edges are smooth, their surfaces designed in a way to make them as comfortable as possible for gaming, and depending on the individual model, they come with accessories ranging from monitor mounts to places designed especially for steering wheels.

The chair

There is an ongoing debate about the utility of gaming chairs – many argue that there is barely any difference between them and quality office chairs. This may be true – but a gaming chair is still a better option in many cases.

For one, gaming chairs usually come with a few extra features designed specifically for gamers. Besides, they are durable, extra comfortable – for those massive gaming sessions – with padding in the right places to mean a difference.


In any other room, natural light would be mandatory. Not in a game room, though – here, a ray of light falling on the screen in just the right angle can mean the difference between winning or losing an important match. For many, this means natural light has no place there.

Instead, most gamers prefer artificial light using smart bulbs and LED strips that can be adjusted to the mood of the gamer – or the game itself.

There are plenty of options available, from programmable bulbs to DIY programmable lighting solutions to give the gaming room its perfect atmosphere.

Decor and accessories

And this is where it gets really exciting.

Today, you can find a myriad of items to decorate a gaming room with, from rugs and posters to Funko Pop! figures and others. The only limit is the gamers’ imagination.