Flooring Ideas for Bedrooms

Deciding on the flooring of a bedroom could be a bit challenging, especially as you have a lot of options online as well as in the physical market. Of course, you want your bedroom floor to look good, but it also has to be comfortable, durable, and complement the existing decor of the room. To make this possible, start by installing the best herringbone flooring available in the market today.

No matter what kind of flooring ideas for bedrooms you consider, there are always going to be arguments for and against the decision. You may also want to consider the option of floor planner vs. homestyler in order to decide the final look of the room. In either case, checking out the materials available and their advantages plus disadvantages could help us narrow down the search. Take a look at some of the major choices available now and find out where you can order high-quality parquetry flooring brisbane online.

1. Carpet

You can get wall to wall carpeting in almost every kind of color, patterns, and thicknesses. For some houses and climates, this could be the best choice. Carpets will keep your feet warm and on a soft surface at all times. There’d be no more cold floors, which can be a comfort especially when you’re getting out of bed first thing in the morning.

There are loop pile and cut pile versions of carpets. The fiber loops are the difference; if they’re cut, the carpet is a cut pile. If not, the carpet is called a loop pile. There are several small categories within these two divisions; you can choose between textured, saxony, and frieze varieties as well as many others. The textured cut-pile is among the most well-known ones, with its soft, casual look gaining a lot of fans. If you don’t have access to this kind, consider creating the soft look with some rugs instead.

While carpeting might be one of the most popular

flooring options, you should be aware that it does have its downsides. For one, carpet can be unbearably hot in the summers. It will also serve to keep the heat inside instead of letting things cool down as the day passes. If the wall to wall carpeting is stuck down with glue, it can be quite hard to change and will also damage the floor underneath. Finally,

2. Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring

If you can afford to get real wooden flooring in your bedroom, the natural look of that is hard to beat. The gleam and shine of that wood will go well with all decor styles. There are several wood options as well, but he most common favorites include maple, oak, walnut, and ash,

Such floors could be made of either engineered or solid wood. The latter is quite difficult and expensive to produce, as they’re comprised of just a huge piece of wood. Engineered wood, however, is used in flooring that might be manufactured while utilizing 3 to 9 layers of wood veneers, all different. If this seems confusing, there’s a guide on hardwood floors that will help you get up to speed.

You can also check out the three  main wooden flooring styles; parquet, strip, and planks. If we’re considering bedroom floors, the plank and strip are more popular than parquet. This is because they’re both traditional-looking choices. They’re also linear, which provides a more soothing and calming effect than the somewhat haphazard parquet. However, the plank design is a bit wider, so you might want to reserve this one for a more casual vibe.

3. Laminate


Laminate flooring might resemble actual wood, but it’s more like a photograph of the real thing. Incidentally, you could also get a stone print in the same material. There’s also a protective plastic coating on each piece, all of which comes together for a more budget-friendly yet attractive option.

Laminate flooring is available in several wooden tones and styles, so you can pick whatever suits your theme in the best manner.

Apart from the price factor, the best thing about laminate flooring might be that it’s so easy to lay down. You can hire a professional or even reserve a weekend and do it yourself as a DIY job.

Once laid, the laminate flooring is expected to hold up against wear and tear. Since bedrooms are usually a low traffic area, you might be able to get away with laminate flooring for years at a time.

However, the laminate ‘planks’ are vulnerable to scratching, even buckling if you let water and other liquids stay on it for too long. It might also be risky to use wet mops or steam mops on such floors. If you live in a very hot and humid climate, beware; the flue for laminate floors might even wear out after a few years and cause people in your home to slip on a plank every now and then.

4. Bamboo Floors

Bamboo Floors

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and ecologically responsible materials to use for anything these days. It’s technically a grass and not a wood, so you’re not harming any trees by using this material.

In fact, bamboo floors might be even sturdier and more long-lasting than proper hardwood floors. Since bamboo has a very fast harvest time and grows again when cut above the root, it provides us with an eco-friendly flooring option. The flooring bamboo is available in planks and strips that fit nicely together. You can also get to know about the color and grain options to decide the pros and cons of each.

5. Rubber Flooring

Rubber floors could be made from recycled or virgin rubber. These are available in several patterns, styles, and colors. The best aspect of these floors is that they’re very durable. Some versions might even last for more than three decades.

Their safety is another bonus; parents of young kids don’t have to worry about falls and injuries quite so much. You can choose this for a kid’s bedroom or for the purposes of exercise/dance in your own room. Along with the durability and safety, the rubber option is also much easier to clean and maintain in the long run.

6. Cork Flooring

While most people may associate cork flooring with kitchens, this durable and comfy flooring option just might work in the bedroom as well. You can stand on these floors for long periods of time without wording about cracks. What makes this choice so perfect for the bedroom is that it absorbs sound. You won’t have to worry about waking up your spouse when you’re using floors like these.

On the downside, cork is quite a soft material. This doesn’t bode well for its durability. In fact, if you place heavy furniture on such a material, it can actually leave a permanent indentation. Plus, cork flooring might be easily available but it’s also quite an expensive choice.

7. Tiles and Stones

The regular tiles and stones are too hard and noisy for a regular bedroom. However, you could use tiles on a bedroom floor in the Spanish. ,Moroccans or Mediterranean styles. These will create an attractive effect and also cool down the room in a tropical climate. Since a cool temperature is essential to getting good sleep, having such tiles might still have its advantages


The flooring in your bedroom might take some time, but you’re now equipped with enough knowledge to trust your own choice. If you get planks of any kind, make sure they join together easily so that the layout is just as you wanted. Even if there are bumps in the road along the way, you can probably achieve a decent look the first time around.