Fixtures and Appliance Considerations When Planning a New Kitchen

Planning a new kitchen is considered one of the most interesting projects when it comes to home renovation. While this process can get really exciting, it is also very expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. This is why most people contract the services of professionals who will handle the entire process and give them a good result.

When you are planning a new kitchen, there’s so much to take on board especially for fixtures and appliances that make it a comfortable space and it is important to take out some time to outline what you want. One of the vital steps in the planning process is choosing a kitchen rangehood that is suitable for your space. With this in place, you can make arrangements for other fixtures and appliances that are also important.

Every kitchen requires essential appliances – dishwasher, refrigerator, stove and oven. However, planning a new cooking space requires that you put a lot of factors into consideration before installing these appliances.

We have outlined some factors to consider before installing these kitchen appliances. You can read on to get more details.

Steps to Take When Planning a New Kitchen

The following are some important steps in planning a new kitchen:

Check Your Needs

Identifying your needs is one of the foremost steps to take when planning your new cooking space. This is because you are most likely not going to include items that haven’t been used for a long time in the new kitchen. A good way to start is by taking out time to look around the old kitchen and outline some of the things you are comfortable with and the ones you do not like. It could take the form of appliances, cabinetry or even storage facilities. When you have taken stock of all these, it will be easier for you to know some of the items you will need for your new space.

Check Heating and Plumbing Facilities

You need to check if you will be making use of the existing plumbing for sinks or do you need to run an extra pipe work? Also find out if you will be using the existing heating appliances or buy new ones. If you intend to add a kitchen island that contains a sink and other appliances to your design, you have to make sure that the electricity supply and the plumbing work are both concluded before laying the floor. You have to make provision for plug points for both small and bigger appliances that must be connected to function.

Professional Cincinnati handyman services or a plumbing contractor in your area can help install or remodel your kitchen plumbing as necessary. Besides, taking a do-it-yourself (DIY) route is not advisable if the plumbing work is extensive. Doing so can disrupt your entire plumbing system, costing you more money on repairs.

Consider Lighting

When making arrangements for lighting, it is important to set up a flexible system that will make room for easy regulation of all the areas of your kitchen. Spots above preparation and cooking areas are important so you should prioritize them when fixing lights. Sometimes, lighting can get really confusing and we recommend that you use some tips to guide you. If you need lighting ideas for your kitchen, you can check here:

Fixtures and Appliance Considerations When Planning A New Kitchen

The following are some factors to consider before buying appliances for your kitchen:

Price of the Appliance

The cost of purchasing the appliance and how much you have allocated for it are some of the important considerations before going for these appliances. There are appliances that cost less than others and one may wonder why this is the case. There are a lot of factors that account for the price of a product which may include, the size, features, material used in production as well as the uses. While an appliance may be important and urgently needed in your home, it is advised that you go for one that you can afford.

Size of the Appliance

Another important consideration is the size of the appliance. While you may need to check for available space and the need for the appliance, the size is also a major determinant in the decision-making process. For instance, if you are going for a range cooker, you have to find out if it meets your cooking needs. If you intend to use it when cooking large quantities of food then the big sized units will be ideal.

Not identifying what you need the appliance for before buying may lead to you regretting the decision especially when you buy something small for a large purpose.

Easy Operation

No one wants a complex appliance so you need to know if the device is easy for you to operate. There are a lot of user-friendly models that you can easily handle and maintain, so do not go for the ones that demand so much energy, time and effort to operate as you may not be able to get the optimal benefits. When faced with such situations, it’s ideal to go for a more simplified brand.

Choose energy-efficient and smart kitchen appliances. While they usually come at higher prices, you’ll reap more benefits in the long run. For example, you’ll enjoy using a newer refrigerator model, which can provide long-term savings and reduce environmental impact. Newer refrigerators consume less electricity than their predecessors. Because of the constant updating of federal standards to ensure low energy consumption of new refrigerators, manufacturers equip their products with new and more advanced technologies for compliance and high sales.


If you are a fashionable fellow, then you can go for a device with good style. Some people want devices that fit right with the theme of their kitchen so it’s recommended that they check out a device that has enough style to blend into their space without looking odd.

Your multi-burner stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven, and other kitchen appliances should match your overall kitchen theme. For instance, items in stainless silver look good when placed side by side, especially for a modern and minimalistic kitchen.

In addition, it’s also a must to consider the strategic placement of your kitchen appliances to ensure proper workflow. Food preparation can be challenging if you can’t move comfortably in your kitchen area. So, make sure your kitchen items aren’t blocking lighting and movement.


When it comes to kitchen appliances, durability is one factor that is not negotiable. This is because everyone wants something that can stand the test of time and can only be replaced when there are improved models. It is not good business when you buy a device that can barely last for a couple of years before you have to replace them with a new one. A good way to avoid this is to go for appliances that come with warranty, that way you get to return them if they underperform within the period covered by the warranty.

These are some of the fixture and appliances considerations you need to make when planning a new kitchen. You can search the internet if you need more details.


Planning a new kitchen can be an exciting experience if you have a blueprint of what you want. When considering fixtures and appliances that you will need in the kitchen, it is expedient that you check a number of factors that may affect you in the long run. A good way to scale through this process will be to carefully analyze each appliance, checking the need, cost, size and other important factors that we have outlined in this article.