Fixing and Repairing Your Air Duct and Cooling Units in Fulton, IL

Beginning from late April to early October, Fulton which is a city located in White County, Illinois experiences a tropical climate. During this period, which is late spring to mid-autumn, the temperature rises and peaks in July during the summer. This temperature ranges from 650F to 850F. As a result of this, the weather is warm but mostly hot during this period, especially between June and August.

Due to this, people living in Fulton must take steps to prepare for this period of heat. The best way to do so is to have a functioning home cooling system. This is an air conditioner and it is most times a part of your home’s HVAC system. You can learn more about the climate of Fulton here.

Air conditioners help to provide relief from the searing heat and in so doing provide comfort for people living inside a building. They also come in various types, shapes and sizes and are useful in places such as banks, schools, offices, industries, etc.

Having a malfunctioning air conditioning unit during summer can be quite uncomfortable and frustrating so you should ensure that yours is efficient and functioning properly always. To do this, you have to regularly carry out maintenance on it and when it is broken, you should repair it immediately.

When Does Your Cooling Unit Need Maintenance or Repair?

Much like any other appliance, air conditioners can develop issues for a variety of reasons. Also, because they are not used all year round like in winter, they might develop issues during this period that you may not be aware of. This is why it is important to check them just before the heat season begins and carryout out any maintenance or repair work that is needed.

Some common reasons why your unit might be broken can include age, a lack of maintenance, a dirty filter, or when it is low on refrigerant. Air conditioners do not last forever so when yours is old, you may need to consider changing it.

Also, a dirty filter and low refrigerant are the two main causes of issues in air conditioners. A dirty filter can be due to dirt or dust and by simply cleaning or replacing it, your cooling unit can begin to function well again. This article advises on when to change your air filter. When it is a case of low refrigerant, then the refrigerant needs to be topped up.

Another issue that can cause your air conditioning unit to malfunction is a leaky duct. Most AC units except for the window and portable types have an internal and external unit which are connected through ductwork. Because most ductwork is within walls, they can break. Rodents may also chew on them and cause them to have holes. When this is the case, the cool air will leak out before reaching your home. As a result, your unit will work harder than normal and your energy bill will increase.

Fixing and Repairing Your Cooling Unit

It is advisable to maintain your cooling unit twice a year. By doing this, you can discover any issue before it results in a breakdown. If your unit is old and you need to install a new one or you have any of the issues above, you should call on experienced HVAC technicians to help you out immediately. Much more than fixing or repairing your AC, they can also help out with maintaining and repairing your other HVAC devices like furnaces and water heaters. You can check out Kelly Air Conditioning of Fulton, IL to learn more.


Ensuring that your cooling system is in top shape is crucial to your survival and that of your family during hot season. It is what will help to keep you comfortable through each day. These systems are susceptible to a variety of issues and therefore they need to be checked and maintained regularly. To avoid a breakdown, have an HVAC expert maintain them often and repair them immediately you notice an issue.