Five Kid-Friendly Items Every Family Needs This Year

Whether you’re new parents or you’re close to someone who is a new parent, you may be wondering what type of things they need for their growing family. There’s any number of reasons you might want to get something for your friends or family who are parents. Perhaps they just added a new member to the family and are having a celebration, or maybe it’s a birthday for one of the parents or one of the kids, even still it could be a part of a holiday tradition that you and your family celebrate together.

No matter the case, something has you on the hunt for a kid friendly item. The following is a list of kid-friendly items that every family could use.

1. Washable Rugs

The first item on the list isn’t flashy, fun, or even that exciting, and that’s probably why so many families could use one. Washable rugs are a great gift for parents or older family members who actually manage the household.

These have nothing to do with kids at all and would make a terrible present for any child in any situation, but they are great for adults, parents, and homeowners. Washable rugs are an easy way to bring a little bit of style and comfortability into any room, without having to install carpeting.

Not only that, but a washable rug is a great addition to a busy household full of pets and kids, because they’re spill proof, and easy to machine wash when needed. If you’re looking to get your adult friends something for the holidays, they have a birthday coming up, or they’re hosting a house-warming party, a beautifully designed, spill proof, and machine washable rug would make a great gift for anyone’s home.

2. A Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has long been considered one of the more family-friendly game producers in the video game marketplace. While not everyone is into gaming, the Nintendo Switch offers a wide variety of party games, kid-friendly games, and family-friendly games that everyone in the whole home can get involved with.

This is one of the many reasons that the Nintendo Switch is such a popular party-console, because of its emphasis on group gaming and interactive games.

If your kids are a little bit older, and you’re all still into gaming together, you could even add one of the other new aged and modern day consoles to the household. The PS5 or the Xbox Series X are both becoming slightly more available in stores to consumers, and offer massive libraries of games that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences.

3. Educational and Thought Based Board Games

Depending on the age of the kids, educational and thought based board games can be an awesome way to spend a little bit of family time. Whether this means working on a puzzle together, or competing in a game of strategy and skill, there are a plethora of board games on the market designed to make everyone in the family think.

Not only that, but well designed board games will bring out the critical thinking in everyone in the family without them even realizing it.

4. Creative Outlets

Every household with kids needs some sort of creative outlet readily available. In fact, most need more than one. How advanced the actual creative activities are is going to seriously depend on the age and skill level of the kids involved, but it’s never too soon to start exercising the creative side of the brain.

From coloring books, to drawing and reading, to painting, dancing, singing, and acting. It’s important that children learn that it’s okay to be creative and artistic.

5. Items for Outdoor Activities

While indoor entertainment and education is important, so is physical exercise and spending time outdoors. There are a wide variety of outdoor activities that families can engage in together, too. From hiking to canoeing, to bike riding and fishing, it’s important to encourage kids to spend time outdoors from a young age.

Not only will they learn to appreciate the outdoors, but they’ll also build a healthy relationship with mother nature, and this can promote physical health and wellness as well.

A few Final Words

Every parent knows how much work goes into running and managing their household. Having a little bit of outside help can go a long way. Afterall, there is some truth in that age-old-adage that it takes a village to raise a child.