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What to buy for your first apartment

Your first apartment is an exciting thing: suddenly, you have a private space that you are free to decorate and furnish it to your liking. The number of new things to buy can be overwhelming at first. Resist the temptation to overdo it right away and stick to the basics as you determine your style and define the character of your apartment.

first apartment

One of the most important things in your first apartment is the bed . Since going to spend much time on it, make your bed is an investment and avoid the temptation to go for the option cheaper. Visit several stores to try different models and be sure to inquire about delivery options and costs.

When buying clothes bed , looking linens with a high thread count, the higher the number, the softer the sheet. Buy at least two sets to eliminate the need for immediate washing after a change. To give you flexibility to change the design aesthetic of your room, look for a smooth sheet can be covered with a quilt, quilts are also easy to remove and wash. A fiber or synthetic quilt will be cool in summer and warm in winter.

Basic furniture
Unless your first apartment comes furnished, need some basic furniture. Buy a couch and chair for your living room and a TV stand if you have a TV. If you plan to spend time in the kitchen, buy a small table and two chairs at least. The furniture is expensive; visit the thrift stores if you can not afford to spend money on new items.

Depending on the amount of time you plan to spend eating at home, the dishes can be a great or little importance. If you cook meals at home and have guests for dinner, buy dishes that look good and kept under constant use. Avoid buying cheap pots and pans, to wear out quickly and can cause burns when cooking. Find those sales where you can get expensive cookware at a low price. If you are unsure, buy a basic set of utensils, a pan, pan and baking tray, these elements will work until you find out what you will use often.

Most people do not realize how convenient are the microwaves, toasters and coffeemakers until no more are available. These devices can be found at a low cost in most department stores and will be very useful for your settlement in your first apartment.

Your first apartment is a good time to show the books, pictures and objects of collection you’ve gathered over the years. Find a sturdy construction and a finish that goes with the upholstery, painting and decorating your apartment. You can buy cheap shelves at stores like Wal-Mart or IKEA.

To customize your first apartment, looking for some form of art or decoration to customize it to your liking. If framed prints is not your thing, go to a garage sale or thrift stores to find funky retro pieces. Simple canvas boxes painted in bright colors can brighten a room or you can stretch an interesting piece of material through a framework for a quick and inexpensive decoration. Find objects that reflect your personality and create the atmosphere in which you would like to pass the time.