Fireplace Doors and Screens: 3 Tips to Follow to Find the Best One for Your Home

Contrary to popular belief, there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of companies that specialize in electric fireplaces. Despite the rise of fireplace renovations, wood-burning and gas fireplaces replacement with electric equipment, we are still seeing many conventional fireplaces. A wood-burning fireplace, for instance, is a great medium for decorations with fireplace screens and doors.

We kid you not, you would be surprised by the number of people who have chosen to invest in better, perhaps even the best, fireplace screens and doors! For anyone who would rather preserve their wood-burning fireplace, all they have to do is find a company that’s willing to create customized doors and screens for their fireplace. Although most individuals would play it safe with their choices, there are innumerable options of custom-made fireplace screens and doors that can integrate and add a motif to your chosen design. If you are in need of help to get started, we are giving you some important tips about how to effectively accessorize your fireplace with fireplace screens and doors.

Which Fireplace Doors and Screens are Perfect for You?

The door of a fireplace rests in a frame that is mounted to its opening. The doors can easily be opened and closed. However, it may be difficult to remove them. Fireplace doors are of great help in keeping the freezing air from entering your room in the winter. Aside from that, if you have children in your home, fireplace doors are safer and more protective compared to a screen. If the opening of your fireplace is elevated, the fireplace door would appear better in comparison to a screen that lies on the floor. A safety note you should always remember is that unless you have invested in Pyro-glass which will handle the pressure and heat of the fire without breaking, glass doors cannot be kept close whenever the fire is burning.

Fireplace Screen for a Stylistic and Customized Fireplace

Fireplace screens are either mesh or perforated steels that are resting on legs and sitting on the floor, and they must be moved for better access to the fire. For a more modern approach, there are also some fireplace screens that are made of glass. The only downside with fireplace screens is that children can move them, which may serve as a fire hazard. Nonetheless, it is way easier and better to repurpose a fireplace screen since it overlaps the opening of the fireplace, rather than fitting it perfectly. Moreover, since these screens are made of glass or metal, there are hardly any dividers in the center, unlike most fireplace doors, which gives you the opportunity to create your personalized design on the fireplace screen.

How to Choose the Perfect Design for your Fireplace Doors and Screens

There are several choices we can explore concerning fireplace doors. One of the important things to consider is whether to get bi-fold doors or cabinet doors. Bi-fold doors can fold back on themselves and they pop out less in the front of your fireplace. Cabinet doors, on the other hand, are larger, and if there are any projections or platforms on the opening of the fireplace, they may opt to stick out. As described above, Pyro glasses are designed to withstand extreme temperatures if you prefer to have a fire burning with the doors shut. You may choose between clear, gray, or bronze tints for your fireplace door glass. Also, you may have metal over and around your glass for decorative or protection purposes, and you may also lessen the amount of metal in between the doors for a better view of the fire.

Bi-fold Doors, Contrasting Designs, and Clear-view Glass for your Fireplace Door

Fireplace screens may have lesser options compared to fireplace doors, but do not be mistaken, because you are still given a list to choose from. Would you rather choose mesh, like that of a window screen or a perforated metal that is more stable for heavy use and is not as susceptible to damage? There are conventional feet that can reach up the corners of the screen, and there are also the flat ones that rest below the frame. Do you prefer the handles at the top or at the sides of the frame? Maybe you would rather have a glass screen than a metal one for a stylish modern look. You can also avail a three-sided fireplace screen, with double panels attached to its middle section, and a fireplace screen that has doors placed into its frame which allows easy access to the fire without having to move the screen. How big of overlap do you like around the opening of your fireplace? You need not worry because you can overlap as little or as much as you want since fireplace screens can be made in any size and dimensions.

How to Personalize your Fireplace Doors and Screens

There are many ways to customize your fireplace doors and screens. For starters, custom fireplace screens and doors are made to order to make sure that they fit every opening, especially ridges and peculiar shapes. For both fireplace doors and screens, you are given the freedom to choose what finish you prefer, whether it is a standard finish or a premium one. You can also select various finishes for the hinges, doors, outer frame, and handles. Speaking of handles, there are a number of choices for you, and they can be interchanged on every door of the fireplace. It does not end there because you can also choose your own tint design for the glass on your fireplace doors and your very own pattern choice for your fireplace screens. We also accept illustrations from our customers and we turn their designs into an outline for their fireplace screen or door. Fireplace door frames and screens can be made larger or narrower based on the liking of the client.

Fireplace Screens with Triple Panel Option

There are practically endless ways to personalize your fireplace doors and screens to match your fireplace and to create a refurbishment without the need for construction.

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