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How to check faulty wiring fire alarm for home

A fire alarm that uses your home electrical lines to supply power to detect smoke and sound the horn when necessary is called “wired”. Faulty wiring can cause the alarm of fire works erratically, alarms sounding fake or not providing normal operating sounds. To verify that the faulty wiring is the cause of why the alarm of fire is not functioning normally, inspect the wiring to the alarm is on. You will need some common household tools and items of hardware . No special electrical devices required.

fire alarm for home


Trips the circuit breaker in the fuse box to interrupt power to the room where the alarm is mounted fire . Place a ladder under the alarm fires , if fitted to the ceiling or the wall next to where the alarm. Turn the alarm cover and set it aside. Remove the battery from the battery unless there is no battery.

Remove the screws from around the alarm, using a Phillips screwdriver. Place the screws in your pocket to prevent loss.

Alarm removed away from the wall plate on which it is mounted. Stretch the cables that are attached to the back of the alarm.

Take a picture with a digital camera of alarm wires that are attached to the wires from the hole.

Check the image on the camera’s LCD screen to the diagram in the instruction manual that comes with the alarm to confirm that the cables are properly connected. Regardless of whether the cables are connected correctly, proceed to rotate out of the connectors on the tab thread of twisted pairs of wires.

Place the connectors in your pocket. Separate alarm wires and hole. Scrape the exposed ends of the wires from the hole and alarm with the blade of a knife. Stop barking when the copper wire exposed part this brilliant.

Shake a can of electrical cleaning spray for five seconds. Spraying a burst in a second end of each wire.

Twist the wires of the alarm and the hole around each other in the manner indicated in the instruction manual that came with the alarm, if the wires were connected properly before being pulverized, using the camera image as your reference for wiring.

Screw the screw connector on each pair of twisted wires. Cables pushed into the hole. Press the alarm button mounting plate and replace the screws. Replace the battery in the battery compartment, if any. Turn on the alarm cover. Restore power at the fuse box. Press the “Test / Reset” on the side of the alarm for a second to reset the alarm. Place the ladder in place.