Fig: Plant, Decorate, and Destress

Are you feeling stressed lately? Got your hands full? We have all been busy lately. There are just instances where you want to take your mind off things, blow off some steam. But you can’t just pack and leave; you’d be guilty of leaving things undone or even halfway done, so no, we can’t do just that. We just want to immerse ourselves with activities that will not take us away completely from our work. An activity where you can quickly go back to your work when the need arises. Maybe an activity that you can squeeze into your tight schedule and an activity that would not blow off your finances. But what would that be?

Have you tried planting? It’s a nice activity to involve yourself without spending a fortune and without leaving the house. By planting, you can have a few minutes or an hour off – depending on the number of plants you wish to grow – your work and stretch your muscles while you are at it. Planting is also an activity that will not cost you much. You can start planting with a few seeds or seedling in a small pot in your homes. You can even go green and save a few extra cash by using recycled cans instead of commercial pots. Plant the seed or seedling in a nice fertile soil inside your used cans, water them according to their needs, give them a little sun, and enjoy watching them grow.

Of course, planting is not as easy as A, B, C. Each plant requires a specific amount of water, type of soil, and many hours under the sun. You might be wondering which plant should you start your garden with. Why not start with a Fig tree? A Fig tree is a fruit-bearing plant, and its fruit is edible and can be eaten both fresh, dried, and sometimes brewed. You will have a return on investment when it bears its fruits. Fig trees are also fast and easy to grow. A good choice for first-timers.

Fig trees are cultivated in warm climates, but that does not mean it will not thrive in places with cold weather. These trees are also fast-growing, so growing this in your backyard will definitely relieve you of some stress at work and home. Let’s start planting your fig trees by answering that what’s and how’s.

unripe fig fruits in a fig tree

In planting a fig tree, let us follow these simple steps:

Prepare Your Pots

It was earlier stated that fig trees are usually grown in areas with warm climates, so if you are unsure of the weather or the weather changes drastically in your area, you should plant your figs into a pot. You may use a plastic one if you tend to rearrange your garden.

Soil Preparation

Again, figs are easy to grow, so you can plant them in any type of soil for them to grow. However, if you are a bit apprehensive of this practice, Patricia H. Reed (2018) suggests that you use an organic potting mix that does not contain any plant food. You can use a mixture of 1-part sand, 1-part peat moss, and 1-part perlite or ground bark to be more specific.

Watering your Figs

According to Gretchen Heber of Safe Guides, newly planted Figs should be watered at least three times a week. When watering your Figs, make sure not to drown the seedlings; water it just enough to dampen the soil and water it again if it becomes too dry.

Sunlight Treatment

Figs love the sun. Figs would love to be under the sun all day, but if it is impossible to do so, soak them under the sun for at least 8 hours – this is for the newly planted figs.

Harvest Your Figs

Some figs turn brown when ripe, while others are gold or even green. Its skin is soft to the touch when it is ripe, and sometimes, the skin may even split (Good Housekeeping, 2018). If you are lucky enough, you can harvest your figs twice a year.

Now that you are ready to plant them in your backyard, you must also know the tree’s market value. As mentioned before, a fig tree has many varieties. You can buy them on the market, and its prices will vary depending on the growth and variety. Fig trees are being sold as seeds and seedlings and eBay. Seeds are being sold from $9.85 – $18.14, while seedlings are being sold for $29.55 – $64.55. If you want a Fig tree in your home as an ornamental plant, it is being sold in IKEA for $12.99.

Decorate your homes, eat some figs, stretch those muscles, and destress.