Fashion Trends: lingerie leather for women

Intriguing and daring luxury lingerie leather a few years earlier could only be found in the wardrobe of the most fascinating and daring girls. Today this accessory is gaining popularity, and it can no longer be called overly impudent and defiant. What is the best way to wear a women’s harness? It is important to maintain a sophisticated look and not cross the line of vulgarity.

The accessory is a bundle of leather belts with fasteners in the form of metal rings and buckles. The classic model wraps around the waist and shoulders like a backpack. There are products with a choker collar, with a vertical belt along the back or crossed belts. Some models resemble suspenders. There may be several chest belts – such accessories are called a corset. The belts can be crossed or parallel. Find the best lingerie for the lowest price on Kisskill Australia.

Leather lingerie has become the object of designers’ experiments: models with embellishments appear – buckles, rivets, embossing, etc. The harness can be attributed to the military-style ulue to its origin. Hence, some recommendations for combinations with other clothes.

Features of the harness

  • Favorably accentuates the waistline.
  • Highlights the upper body. This property is especially useful for ladies with small busts and narrow shoulders.
  • Attract attention to the neck.
  • Allows you to simultaneously emphasize grace, tenderness, femininity, strength, and sexuality of the owner.

How to combine best womens leather lingerie harness?

The wrong choice of harness and clothes for it can turn a woman from playful and attractive into aggressive. To avoid such mistakes, you need to know which things are combined with leather lingerie harnesses, and which ones are better to forget.

Classic combinations in a strict style: white top and black bottom, military coat, boots, steady heel. The harness is worn over a white shirt, while all buttons must be fastened. Bottom – classic trousers or pencil skirt. The outfit with belts would suit a businesswoman. It is great to go to parties, in clubs, and at other informal meetings. The harness is worn over a strict coat of a straight or fitted cut and natural shade. So it plays the role of a belt.

The harness lingerie body can also complement the casual look. The harness looks elegant over wide shirts, dresses, loose T-shirts, or turtlenecks. Solid and loose garments are ideal partners for a bold accessory. As a bottom, classic and wide jeans, cotton trousers are suitable.

One of the best combination solutions is a feminine dress. It sets off the aggressiveness of the accessory, balances the image. Both classic models and light sundresses and evening dresses with an open back are suitable. When choosing a dress, refuse from an open neckline.

The black harness attracts the most attention. For a softer look, go for brown, white, and another neutral shade. Light skin is in harmony with dark tones in clothes, and black perfectly complements white things. The color of the belts should be in harmony with the bag and shoes. There are also colored harnesses for bright attire.

The choice of thickness of the belts depends on the body type of the girl. On a tall and thin figure, the harnesses up to 1 cm wide look beautiful. If the figure is plus size, then it is better to choose wider straps.
The first rule: the harness is a self-sufficient accessory, so there should be no other details in the image. Large bracelets, earrings, beads look not do good with a harness. Lingerie leather for women should be the main accent in the image, so other frank things will be superfluous. Set aside miniskirts, stiletto heels, inducing prints, slits, and necklines. Leather belts with overly tight clothing and transparent fabrics look bad.

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