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How to add an extra bedroom to your apartment?

When renting an apartment you may be unable to make the changes structural in space without the owner’s consent, which is not given in most cases. Find a space for an extra bedroom in your apartment is not as difficult as it first appears, the reuse of land and the creation of a number of divisions to provide privacy only require a little ingenuity.

extra bedroom


One bedroom need not include a standard bed. Locate the space in a room that now use to a different purpose. Incorporates bedding fit better in this space. Think a little different because you probably do not want a double standard in this area of ​​dual purpose. Notes convertible furniture, futons, folding chairs and sofas or Murphy beds. Rearrange an office to accommodate a futon. Add a folding bed for a sewing room and transform a moveable closet small room with a convertible seat.

Add a closet in a dividing wall for more storage. Place beds on opposite walls of the bedroom. Add bookcases or dressers in the middle to divide the space. Includes additional shelves, if necessary, by using separate cabinets.

Create a “mirror image” in the bedroom locating two beds head to head in the center of the room. Upholster a piece of wood 4 feet by 8 feet (1.2 m by 2.4 m) on both sides and between the beds to look like high headboards. Drill holes in the legs of the bed and attach them to the wood on both sides. Repeat the process next to the beds with two sideboards. Set the two pieces of plywood together with wide tape or mounting brackets. Light Hang mirrors or pictures above dressers, once the wood has been covered and stabilized. This method creates a wall of 8 feet by 8 feet (2.4 m by 2.4 m) high.

Use tents in irregularly shaped areas for unusual bedroom space. Wrap the loft or attic area in the bedroom holding a material around the bed so that you can open and close with privacy.

It only takes one or two walls to build a new dormitory. Make the changes structural more permanent character to the house if the owner agrees. This will involve the demolition of existing walls and / or the development of new walls. A new framework on the walls may divide an existing room. Cover the walls with drywall and paint walls and removed two large rooms to create three smaller rooms, one of which may be a new bedroom. Includes a large patio and a balcony or alcove to provide space for a small bedroom.