Everything You Should Know for Buying the Right Type of Glass Shelves with Suitable Applications

One area on which to focus when looking to liven up your interior design is the use of shelves. A shelf is a multi-faceted item—not only can it offer additional functionality to your room, but it can also add a flair of style. They also can be used just about anywhere in the house, including the living room, den, home office, kitchen, hallways, and even bathrooms.

If you are going to go down the route of installing new shelves for your home, be aware that there are several types of materials you can look into, namely glass, wood, vinyl, and various plastics. However, the best, most versatile shelves are top-quality glass shelves. Laminated glass also a best choose for your home.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you through the buying process, so that you can feel confident you are buying glass shelves at the best possible prices.

Types of Glass Shelves

One of the best aspects of top-quality glass shelves is that they can be designed to match the style and shape of any room. Here are some excellent examples.

Corner Shelves

Glass shelves look great in the corners of rooms, often in the quarter circle or triangular shape. These make it easy for the shelves to subtly yet elegantly fit into nearly any room.

Curved and Bent Wall Shelves

Curved and bent wall shelves are great options for modern homes. While wood shelves may be great for traditional décor, curved and bent glass offer simple and minimalist looks for modern designers.

Glass Shelves with Towel Hanging Bar

Need a shelf in your bathroom? Top-quality glass shelves with built-in towel hanging bars are your best option. Both functional and easy to keep clean, you cannot beat this look for your bathroom.

Trophy Shelves

Trophy Shelves

You worked hard for your trophies, so the last thing you want to do is display them on boring shelves. A glass trophy shelf will elevate your achievements.

Choosing the Right Glass Type

In order to buy top-quality glass shelves, it is imperative that you ensure they are made out of the correct type of glass. Because shelves require strength, durability, and style, the best type of glass is tempered glass.

Unlike ordinary glass, tempered glass undergoes a heat treatment to reinforce the strength. Typical items that require this type of strong and safe glass include windshields and tabletops. Shelves are no different. To ensure that they can hold whatever items you place on them safely and that they do not completely shatter when impacted, make sure you are choosing tempered glass shelves.

Choosing the Right Thickness for Your Custom Glass Shelf

Next, after choosing the right type of glass, it is also important that the glass is the right thickness for your needs. While tempered glass gives more strength and safety than ordinary glass, thickness also goes a long way toward both the strength of the glass and the style.

For bigger rooms or walls, thicker glass is recommended. Also, if these shelves will be holding heavy or large objects, then the thicker glass is also warranted. In smaller rooms or tighter spaces, the sleekness of thinner glass may better fit into the design. However, be sure you know the weight limits so that you are not going to damage the shelves.

Choosing the Right Accessories: Clamps/Brackets


Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of top-quality glass shelves is the accessories that you purchase to go with them. Finding the right shelf shape and thickness is one thing, but then you need clamps and brackets to actually hang the shelves on the wall.

Depending on the layout of your room, the clamps for your glass shelves will differ. Do you want the clamps to be subtle and blend in, or do you want them to enhance the style of the shelves? Some of the most common types of clamps are Standard Square, rounded, peacock, or various custom designer styles. The materials also range from chrome to aluminum to brass and more.

Where to Use Glass Shelves

Where to Use Glass Shelves

The best part about top-quality glass shelves is that they are versatile enough to use in just about any room. The next time you are at an elegant restaurant or hotel, pay attention to their use of beautiful glass shelves. In your own home, you can use them in bathrooms, your kitchen, your living room, or even in bedrooms.

Where to Buy Top-Quality Glass Shelves

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