Everything to discuss with an architectural photographer

Architectural photography is largely different from regular photography. Everybody has a phone with a camera and yes, everybody is a photographer. However, an architectural photographer takes pictures of buildings for aesthetic purposes which transition into marketing purposes. In this article, I would highlight everything you should discuss with an architectural photographer, before hiring. By the way, check here for professional houston architectural photography.

Everything to discuss with an architectural photographer

A lot of architects who want to showcase their designs, businesses who need to create an online presence, and even interior decorators who would like to show off their work to get more customers, need a tad more than just mobile photography.

A lot of HRs and business owners who need to hire the services of an architectural photographer full-time or freelance ate not exactly enlightened on the interview process.

To get the most from the labor market, below are a couple of things to discuss with an architectural photographer.

Do not settle, take your time in selecting

The first thing to always remember is that the pictures taken by the photographer will largely influence your brand and as such, you cannot be sloppy about your choice. Take your time in selecting the perfect Architectural photographer.

Dig Deep

Here, pique your intending architectural photographer’s interests. How long ago did he or she start that aspect of architectural [photography are they passionate about? This helps you understand if the intending architectural photographer is truly interested in shooting pictures of what you do or the fellow is simply looking for a job. Photography is an art and it should be fueled by passion only.

Ask the uncomfortable questions

In your question game, go deeper. Ask for a portfolio and samples of past work with references. Go bold and you could even take the photographer on a test run to understand the intending architectural photographer’s strengths and weaknesses.

Discuss the copyrights

After the shutter and washing of the pictures, who owns the pictures? You? Or the Photographer? It could even be both. Discuss this with the intending architectural photographer for your brand first and get his/her views.

Discuss the fee

For most architectural photographers, the fees often depend on whether or not they are keeping a part of the copyright to the photos.

Preparing for the shots

A lot of brand owners are peculiar about directing the entire process themselves and this doesn’t sit right with some architectural photographers. Before commissioning, it is always prudent to ensure both sides are on level ground so they do not have clashing views afterward.


Apart from the above which deals in commissioning an architectural photographer, here are a couple of things to  discuss with the photographer in question be it a casual talk, you want to know more about architectural photography et cetera.

These topics include;

  • Asking to see samples
  • Discussing the aesthetics and lightening
  • Discussing symmetry.

Whether or not you know a thing about architectural photography, these are good ways to kick off a good conversation with an architectural photographer.


Whether it is discussing with a stranger on the train or commissioning an architectural photographer for your next big thing, I hope this article has given you a head start.