Essential Garden Tools for Every Gardener

Gardening is one of the best hobbies for those who love connecting with nature and spending their free time outdoors. Cultivating a garden requires the use of essential tools. You must have them readily available in the garage or shed. This will not only be to your own advantage but also to the garden.

The right set of tools makes a lot of difference as it helps to maintain a healthy and attractive garden. Now, if you are a beginner, this subject may sound overwhelming because there are lots of gardening tools in the supply store. Each of them has its use, but some tools are more essential than others.

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7 Garden Tools for Gardeners

Here are the basic tools that you need:

1. Hand Trowel

Whether you are gardening straight into the soil in the yard, in containers, or raised beds, this tool is a necessity. You can use the hand trowel to remove stubborn leaves, turn the soil, or to dig into the soil. It is usually one of the first tools most gardeners buy, especially urban gardeners.

A hand trowel is a good tool for moving dirt, bulbs, and seedlings into the planting pots. It is important to choose a hand trowel that has a bright handle as it will not be difficult to find in greenery or a pile of dirt.

2. Pruning Shears

You will be doing a lot of trimming and cutting, so you need to have pruning shears. They are important in the harvesting of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. You can also use them when cutting small branches and thick stems.

Additionally, they come in really handy during summer when the vines and stems of vegetables become thick. When you need to cut down plants for your compost pile, pruning shears will also be a good choice of tool.

3. Gloves

Gloves are indispensable items for gardeners. They keep your hands free from dirt and protect them from injuries. And when you need to deal with prickly plants or thorny branches, a pair of gloves will prevent your wrists and hands from splinters, scrapes, and scratches.

Gloves are not optional if you have sensitive skin. You have to wear them to prevent rashes as well as allergic reactions to fertilizers, plants, and chemicals. Gardeners who are prone to eczema know better than not having good gloves to keep their hands safe.

Touchscreen gloves are now available if you love listening to podcasts or music on your smartphone while gardening.

4. Rakes

These are tools for anyone who has a yard. While you can use leaf rakes for different purposes, bow rakes are very useful in gardening. You can use them to spread mulch or clear leaves. They are also useful in breaking hard soil during springtime or leveling the soil. Bow rakes are available in wood, plastic, and metal. However, the metal design is a good option because it lasts longer. It is also more effective in breaking and smoothing the soil.

5. Digging Shovel

This tool is very useful for gardening on raised beds or in the yard. You can use it when you need to dig holes, transport dirt to your garden using a wheelbarrow, stir compost piles, or mix potting soil. You can also use a shovel to create a level ground for your garden.

6. Spade

You may think that a shovel and a hand trowel will take care of all the digging. Well, a spade is also very helpful when making beds. It is designed to fit into tight spaces and the square shape of its blade can dig holes, especially in areas where you do not want to disturb the surrounding plants. A spade is also helpful when you need to remove weeds with deep roots.

7. Garden Hose

There is no point in having all the tools for planting when you do not have the means to water the garden. Anyway, if you already have self-watering containers, then you can ignore this tool. Otherwise, keep reading.

While watering cans can be useful, when you need to water an entire yard, you need to have a good garden hose. And if you are concerned about wasting water between the beds, you can attach a spray nozzle to the garden hose.

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The size of your garden determines the tools you will need. If you have a few plant pots, a few tools will do the job. But if it is a big garden, you need to plan to get a lot of tools.