Entertainment Sites in Miami — The Best Places You Should Visit

Entertainment, Excursions and Attractions in Miami

Parrot Jungle is a park with a mass of exotic plants, waterfalls, and lakes, where over 1200 tropical birds live. Monkey Jungle is a tropical sanctuary with a variety of monkeys. They live in natural conditions. For the part of visitors’ safety, the animals were fenced off with special glass walls.

Lions Country Reserve is a specialized zoo in which animals live in natural conditions that mimic the landscape of South Africa. While visiting this zoo, you can admire giraffes, lions, rhinos, zebras, elephants, antelopes, and chimpanzees.

Among the exhibits of the Police Museum, which is dedicated to police officers who died in the line of duty, you can see a gas chamber, an electric chair, many instruments of crime, as well as technical means used by police officers.

Villa Vizcaya is an Italian Renaissance palace. The Art Museum has now been built on its territory. Everglades Park is located half an hour from Miami. This national park is the largest in the United States and has remarkably preserved subtropical wildlife.

In addition to all the above attractions, you can also take a day excursion to the Kennedy Space Center, located at Cape Canaveral — the launch site of American spaceships and a working space center. Or go to the southernmost point of the United States, Key West. A trip to Key West will be an amazing experience because of the water all around. This places’ nature in just marvelous.

The first underwater park is located in the Florida Keys, an 80-minute drive from Key Largo Island. It celebrated its 50th birthday in December 2010. Here you will find a 3-meter high bronze sculpture of Christ located 6.5 meters underwater. Its weight is 1.8 tons — an exact copy of the statue in the Mediterranean Sea near Genoa, Italy.

You can order a suit at the Waldorf Astoria hotel Miami. Then, also take a boat ride, sea tram, or yacht to the marine aquarium for the dolphin, shark, and fur seal show (tickets for an adult is $18, child — $13)

For hikers, there is Indian trails overland. Following them, you can get to the Indian villages for tourists. “Chiefs of the tribe” will meet you there and gladly show you their wigwams.

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Entertainment Sites in Miami — The Best Places You Should Visit

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