Bedroom Design

Elegant bedroom with vanguard headboard

An elegant bedroom with a modern headboard will be the end result of this program Deco garden. Here we show step by step. On this occasion we propose a different way to give a new look to certain elements of decoration. It is painted furniture, lamps and coat rack using spray paint . In this way we will give you a more elegant and modern finish to achieving these pieces elegant bedroom with vanguard headboard. Everybody wants an elegant bedroom. Let’s talk about how to design elegant bedroom.

elegant bedroom

Step by step to decorate a bedroom with edgy chic headboard

Step 1
We have a room that is almost empty and needs a new look . The challenge will be to get an elegant style with a contemporary edge.

Step 2
Begin painting the lamp having the stay. Looks old, but with spray paint that mimics the forge will give a more contemporary and elegant touch.

Step 3
The following will paint the rack . In this case we are going to decant for a metallic gray color. In this easy and fast way, we will change the appearance of different elements.

Step 4
For bedside tables , after sanding and eliminate them gently dust that has occurred, we will paint with the same type of paint. In this case, use the same black color is used for the lamp.

Step 5
For the headboard in the bedroom, we have a piece of white color. Like the rest of the furniture we are painting in black or gray color, we will decant the black. So, will give a more elegant look.

Step 6
To dress the window, will use a clear tone shade . Thus, it will give presence and elegance to the bedroom.

Step 7
We finish decorating the bedroom with edgy chic headboard with new bedding, some pictures on the wall, a table lamps, etc.