Home Insurance

Eight out of ten homes are insured

The most common accidents are water damage and glass breakage. Policyholders have almost two million parts per leaks a year and more than one million by breaking glass. Leaks and moisture generated by the  homes are insured payments of 677 million and breaking glass involves the disbursement of 212 million.

The average probability of a leak or humidity in the home is one every eight years. Meanwhile, it is usually a glass break once every 13 years declare. Conversely, electrical damage is much more sporadic accidents. One leaves every 29 years is presented, some 600,000 parts every year. The insured value of these homes is close to two billion, a figure equivalent to twice the national GDP.

homes are insured

Residents in buildings are more likely to hire the homes are insured that owners of single-family homes. In fact, eight out of ten people residing in blocks with more than ten floors ensure your home. They do, on the one hand, to be protected against any complaints from neighbors and, secondly, for coverage against damages caused them to turn a third.

Where less widespread the multi-hazard insurance are the Canary Islands (61%) and the Balearic Islands (64%). Usually assurance levels are higher in the north than in the south. According to the employers, draws attention because, despite being the province with the highest rainfall of Spain and therefore be more exposed to the weather, has one of the magnitudes of hiring policies lower (66 %).