Durable Decor For A Rustic Kids Playroom

Having kids is one of life’s greatest joys. This also means that your home will be filled with toys. Most families will dedicate a room in their house as a playroom.

With careful planning, you can design a playroom that is great for the kids and still maintains your home’s design style. If you have a rustic style home, you have plenty of design options for your playroom.

Storage is key

Any great kids’ playroom should have plenty of storage. This helps keep toys and activities organized, and lets kids see precisely what they have available to them. Luckily, there are several storage options for your rustic style playroom.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Ladder Shelves

Reclaimed barn wood ladders make great shelves. Take two of them and attach them at a right angle. Then attach boards across the rungs for the shelves. Now you have the perfect space for storing art supplies, puzzles, and games.


Baskets are a stable of the rustic design style, and they work very well in a playroom. Since baskets are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, you can use them to store virtually anything. And baskets make great rustic decor.

Be sure to choose sturdy baskets. Check to make sure that the basket does not have any rips, tears, or cracking in the splints. You can use smaller baskets to hold playing cards or crayons. A larger basket is perfect for storing costumes and dress up clothing.

To display these baskets, you have several options. For smaller baskets, hang them on pegs along the wall. This makes it easy for children to take them down when needed. You can also use a pretty ribbon to tie them on a reclaimed ladder. You can lean the ladder against the wall, or for better stability, mount the ladder directly onto the wall.

Larger baskets work well around the perimeter of the room. You can also use larger baskets to section off areas of the playroom. For example, section off an area for dress-up and costume play with larger baskets that contain these items.


You may think shelves are boring, but they are perfect in a playroom. Turn the shelves horizontally, place it under a window, and you can create the perfect reading area.

You can DIY the shelves in a weekend if you are handy with tools. This is an excellent way to recycle and repurpose wood. You can then distress it or paint to complement your room. (There are also many beautiful, premade shelving options if you are not comfortable building one yourself.) Once dried, add some fabric seat cushions and layer on some blankets.

The best part is all the storage available underneath. You might consider storing books underneath, so they are in easy grabbing distance. You could use one of the other sections underneath to store blankets or cozy slippers.


Here is the fun part. No playroom is complete without a chalkboard, or a magnetic board, or a whiteboard…. or all three!

You can purchase these paints and turn an area of playroom wall into a creative and educational space. Before you begin, grab some distressed or reclaimed wood. Use pieces to section off the wall that you intend to paint, like a frame.

Make sure that the chalkboard, magnetic board, and whiteboard are easy enough for the kids to reach. Be sure to have baskets filled with colored chalk, magnetic letters and shapes, and colored whiteboard markers.

Vintage signs

To add additional rustic charm in your kids’ playroom, try to find some cute vintage signs to hang up.

Stroll through flea markets and garage sales and look for vintage signs that say things such as “Welcome,” “Friends,” or “Happy.” You should also find and hang signs that have vintage cows or other farm animals. These signs are usually in distressed wood and look perfect in a playroom.

Final Tips

When looking to decorate a kids’ playroom, try to combine the organization with a decorative aspect. This helps you keep the room tidy, as well as fit your design aesthetic.

Look for functional pieces. Shelves and baskets are perfect in a playroom. Once you have these basics, look to add flair with fabric, blankets, cushions, and ribbons. Keep in mind that rustic design style evokes a feeling of comfort and wellbeing.

Your rustic home can have a playroom that is both functional and beautiful. With a little thought, you can easily design the perfect place for your kids to spend many happy hours.