Do’s and Don’ts of an Effective Manicure

Some women do notice a difference in the manicure services offered at multiple salons. Despite the procedure being the same, there is still a difference because some beauty stylists consider using different techniques and products than others. If you are planning to get your manicure done, be it at home or a salon, there are certain things that you should consider for making the manicure more effective and appealing. 

Do’s and Don’ts for Nail Care & Manicure

First off you need to understand that there are certain aspects regarding your nails. There is a reason why every woman cannot get a manicure. Take a close look at your nails and make notes of the following points. 

DO Moisturize

Many women complain that they have to get their nails done every few weeks because they just don’t give the glam that they were giving right after the manicure. The main reason is that many women tend to not care for nails which is why the nails may get dry. Moisturizing the entire nail is effective as it will prevent any lack of hydration. 

The nails will get strong and will not break easily. Some experts also suggest that you should get an oil or hand lotion. Use these cosmetic items on a routine basis to maximize the appeal of your nails while ensuring that they are not cracking, splitting, or breaking away. 

Long-lasting manicures depend on how much you care for them

DO Consult a Doctor

You do want to get the nails done but what if your skin does not react well to the chemical products that are applied to it. Rather than regretting later, we always advise that you consult an expert dermatologist before applying any kinds of chemical products to the skin. Most women do not have any kind of medical issues with their skin. A simple exam by the dermatologist will confirm this as well as give you peace of mind when getting the manicure done. 

In addition to that, after you are done with the manicure, a great way to take care of your nails is to enrich your food with biotin and Vitamin B. Your doctor can advise you of suitable capsules or foods that would improve the level of biotin in your body which helps in strengthening different bones as well as enhances the nail thickness. In the long run, you will have much stronger nails that will not break off anyway. 

Biotin helps in improved nail health

DO Safer Manicure

If you want the manicure to stay effective for a longer period, you need to ensure that the manicure has been completely safe throughout. Using sanitized tools such as scissors and clippers will ensure that there are no bacteria attacking the skin later. Make sure the chemical products do not contain acetone as it is harmful to the nails.

Even if many stylists suggest that acetone is safer, we don’t recommend it for being too strong on the skin and may cause adverse reactions. In addition to that, a safer manicure is the one where you are practicing care for the nails even after the manicure. It is suggested to always keep your fingernails dry and clean so that no bacteria can grow under the fingernails and cause any damage. If there is prolonged contact of nails with water, there can be split nails or potentially damages in the form of breaking. 

Acrylic manicure with jewel design

We also recommend The Glam-Fam to make sure that their hands are not touching something that has harsh chemicals. Common examples could be dishwashing powder, clothes washing powder, floor cleaners, and other similar items as well, etc. In case you are washing the dishes or clothes, you should wear waterproof gloves so that the nails are not coming in contact with water. 

DON’T Cut the Cuticles

Many women don’t have a lasting manicure because they cut, bite, or pick the cuticles. The professionally done job goes to trash because you haven’t left the cuticles alone. Even if you do the manicure at home, we suggest you do not start with the cuticles in an unprofessional and harmful manner. The cuticle is very important for nail health as it acts as a natural barrier for bacteria. 

If you cut or bite the cuticle excessively, it may lead to potential scars on the skin, as well as infections. There is a major chance of damage to the nail bed too. If not done properly, pushing or cutting the cuticles could be causing major nail problems also. Make it all effective by not indulging too deeply with the cuticle.

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DON’T Use Emery Boards

One misunderstanding that you might have is that emery boards are more useful for filing the nails easily. However, emery boards are not something that you should be using nowadays especially when there are better tools. Emery boards are very harsh on the nails and can grind the nail easily. They work in a fast manner because they are sharp for the nails but there is always a risk of getting the work overdone. 

As a result, many women are unable to have the right manicure. Instead, we recommend using a fine filer that isn’t rough on the nails and can get you the perfect shape easily. Remember to file evenly in one direction only so that the nails are not damaged and any chance of breakage ends. 

An Emery board

DON’T Have Professional Manicures Regularly

While this may sound odd to you, it is important that health and safety are considered as the priority always. For this reason, we suggest you don’t get professional manicures quite often. The main reason is that there have been many studies that have shown the harmful effects of over-exposing your nails to chemical products along with tightening them with a topcoat. 

Ladies who do get manicures done often may have dry and brittle nails. Moreover, we also recommend that you don’t change your beautician frequently. If you are going to a particular salon for some time, no need to change it. Only do so if you see the side effects or any drop in nail health. Routine manicures could also lead to nail bed infections and a clear indicator of that would be puffy or red nail beds. 

For a perfect job, don't overdo it

Other Essentials for an Effective Manicure

Making sure that your manicure is safe and pretty is the wish of every woman but taking care of them may appear difficult. One of the main things to consider is that you should always be using different types of moisturizers and oils on your hands. This will improve the skin tone as well as the nails will get strong too. 

Once every six months, we recommend having a visit to a dermatologist also. This is important for an effective manicure because the doctor can diagnose any kind of problem with your nails, skin, or any allergic reactions that the chemical products have made. The doctor will also advise you on which products to use and which to avoid. Many beauticians don’t tell the complete side effects of certain products because they want you to get the manicure done. The doctor can check the changes in nail shape, nail thickness, any signs of bleeding, separation of the nail from the skin, cuticle, nail discoloration, and observe any kind of swellings. 

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An expert stylist doing a manicure

One more important thing to avoid is the sharing of the nail filer. This is very unhygienic and isn’t a good practice although it happens at many salons. The simple tip is to either take your own filer or request the stylist to use a different one for you. In case your salon is already using a different filer every time, you are most likely to be in safe hands. 

Some women also use excess nail polish remover when doing the manicure. Although cleaning is essential, the excess of nail polish remover has its side effects that you should be considering. The potential harms include dried-out nails and damaged ones too. You should not be using a nail polish remover more than once a week although once every two weeks would be fine too. Remember to use the one that does not have acetone in it. Also, we don’t recommend that you totally eliminate the use of a nail polish remover. Few ladies might peel off their polish instead of using a nail polish remover which can potentially remove the extra layers on the nail as well cause excessive damage.

Nail Art done perfectly


Nail care is fairly simple and with little effort, you can always have beautiful nails. Getting an effective manicure is no big deal. All you need to do is to take care of the few things so that it stays healthy and appealing in the long term. If you haven’t visited a dermatologist till now, it should be the first thing on your to-do list. The dermatologist will guide you in an unbiased manner whereas there are chances that a makeup artist might be biased. There are many great at-home nail kits you can consider as well.