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Paint the doors of the house

Doors How to paint your house?
Here is a list of ideas and tips that will guide and encourage homework. Painting is becoming easier. The current paint finishes allow excellent with the only condition to properly prepare the base and be neat to paint. Brushes and rollers are of good quality and provide excellent service. If you want more information and see photos of house paint follow the link, there is a list that you can review relevant postings.

doors of the house

1. gates To paint, first remove the door before painting. Use a screwdriver to remove the hinge pins and then remove the other half of the hinges of the door. In this way, not going to paint the hinges. Remember that the door will be very heavy, once you remove the hinges are no longer held in place, so you may need the assistance of a friend to help you lift it on trestles.

Wooden doors painted colors/Colorfully painted doors
2. Remove any element of the door, including the knob handle and peephole, which are usually two pieces of complement. Also be sure to remove the doorknob with a screwdriver. Usually you will have to remove the four screws, for it has enough tools at hand.

3. Apply primer on both sides and four edges of the door. Any surface you place the primer not absorb moisture. The surface preparation is critical to successfully paint doors.

4. Visually inspect the door for surface cracks and caulk any cracks you see with a caulk gun and a putty knife. Allow the putty to dry and reapply primer.

5. Wear a grain sandpaper fine 180 grit one, sand the surface with dry paint drops to level, especially in the crevices of the panels. Then use an old brush or rag to dust from sanding.

6. Begin to paint over the primer with a brush for corners, paint the corners of the raised panels first. Working from the higher to the lower panels. Do not use too much paint or you can leave a puddle. Painting doors is a matter of care and neatness.

7. Use a four inch roller to apply the paint on raised panels. Remember that you need several layers. Gates To paint well, the color should be uniform.

8. vertical Paint the door frame from top to bottom and horizontally from one side to another. The junction where they meet not diagonal crossover with the brush, extends to the edge very carefully and continue painting.

9. Paint the door with many layers, while still using the brush for corners and then the roller. You may need more layers if the color is dark.

Doors painted in vivid colors
Painting doors is not difficult but requires a basic technique to achieve better protection of the material and the best finish. Also the use of paint is best when you carefully follow a technique. In the table below to check the postings chosen house paint, follow the links for consultation.