Doors and Windows Automation as the First Step to Smart Home Creation

A smart home has already become a symbol of comfort and safety. However, not everybody can afford smart items, they are still expensive.

If you would like to live in a smart home but don’t have enough money to turn your hub into a smart accommodation, don’t get desperate. Start little by little. With some devices, skills, and patience, you will turn your traditional house into a smart hub.

Where would you like to start? Is your priority to build a new adjustable v-shaped desk or to implement a more ambitious project? Well, let us start with the automation of doors and windows. It will increase the safety level of your home. After that, you can start dealing with comfort matters.

Doors and Windows Automation Project Is not as Demanding as You Think

Being able to open, close, and monitor the doors ad windows of your home is convenient. Moreover, it increases the safety level of your house. That’s why this automation project shall be the first project to turn your home into a smart one.

Here, you can choose from two options:

  • To buy a security plan, to install sensors, to pay for a special app, and thus, to be able to check what is happening in your house even if you are far away;
  • To get a couple of linear actuators with correct controls, and to automate the doors and windows on your own. You will still need an app but it will be much cheaper than buying an entire security package.

In the first case, everything is done for you by specialists. Thus, you pay, wait until the things are done, and enjoy the results.

In the second case, you save a lot of money. But you have to do all the work on your own. Start with purchasing the needed items. Those are actuators and control devices.

For the actuators, check the following:

  • They shall be weatherproof;
  • They shall have a stroke length sufficient to open and close the doors and windows.

Now, you can automate your doors. It is easier to automate a sliding door, however, a correct installation of your actuator system allows you to automate a traditional door, too.

The same has to be done with windows. Install actuators to open and close the windows with a push of a button. A correct remote control will allow you to open and close doors and windows from a specified distance.

Automated doors and windows eliminate quite a range of issues. For example, you don’t need to rush to a door if your kid has forgotten the keys and cannot enter the house. Also, you can open the door easier when you come home loaded with bags or are just too tired to look for keys. You can open and close windows without any need to leave your comfortable place, etc.

However, what can you do if you want to control your home if you are far away? Well, in such a case, we recommend getting and installing smart locks and sensors. Then, you will be able to control all the accesses to your home from your smartphone.

Other Smart Appliances Are the Next

Now, the main project is done. It is time to move to other transformations of your home.

We recommend to move on with the installation of smart lights. You can program them to turn on based on a specific schedule or when they detect motion, or under any other circumstances. You will see how your expenses on electricity will drop.

Further, it is the turn of a smart thermostat. An average thermostat allows you to save energy via smart scheduling, sensors, you can even control it via a special app on your mobile. It can adjust the temperature in your home based on a specific schedule, or under pre-programmed circumstances such as the location of your phone, sensors data, etc.

After that, you can automate whatever appliances you use. Start with those which automation will bring the most comfort. Leave for later those that are not crucial. Don’t forget about Away mode. It is also needed to increase the safety of your house when you are away. The idea is that your home devices when in Away mode, mimic as if somebody is in the house. It keeps the thieves away.

Like this, step by step, you will be able to automate your home to the wished level without spending all your funds.


A smart home isn’t something inaccessible. With a smart plan, some skills, and the needed tools and devices, you can automate your home to the extent you need. Plan everything properly, start with the most important projects, and in the end, you will be able to enjoy the full comfort and safety of a smart hub.

Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.