Dining Room Design

Ideas for painting a dining table and chairs

A dining table and chairs set is scratched or worn is actually a valuable discovery of a garage sale. By refinishing and renovation of the area, an old dining set can become a great dining set. Before you sell your current dining furniture, consider renewing the surface and add a modern feel to cool the room without the expense of buying a new set.


Refurbished is the process of washing, stripping and sanding of furniture to apply a new finish paint . The tables and chairs can have a new dye a darker or lighter than the previous dyeing or can be painted with a matte paint finish for a new style. For example, try changing a room with a hint of cherry to a dramatic black or bright white to add a more modern look to a room.


dining table and chairs


Accents fabrics

The dining chairs solid wood can be uncomfortable to sit. Adding padding to make them more comfortable seats and also add a new style to the furniture. Purchase pre-made padded seats of craft shops and colorful fabrics stretched over the seat of the chair to keep the filling in place. Ensures fabric on the bottom of the chair seat using fabric glue or a staple gun.
Colors opposite

A dining table need not be the same color as your chairs. Games room with opposite colors add drama and depth to a room. Try to combine dining chairs bright white with a deep black dining table. The vinyl-covered chairs with purple or blue can also combine well with tables black or white. Mix and match different colored chairs in a set, as a red chair, blue, green and yellow with a wooden table to add a colorful mixture into a dining room.

Faux Finishes

Faux finishes add depth and warmth to the walls of a room, but can also be applied to a dining table. Popular styles of dining sets include aged styles that have a light that breaks through the surface of a layer. For example, a deep bronze color can be displayed in the cracks of an antique white finish. Buy a kit faux finish furniture made specifically for, not for wall surfaces in a local store home improvement.